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Description of perfume 4711 Original



Perfume bottle

Overall impression



Top notes

Orange, Lemon, Bergamot, Petitgrain

Middle notes

Rose, Neroli, Rosemary

Base notes


4711 Original is an unbelievably fresh, citrus fragrance. It is created to refresh you mainly in spring and summer, cooling you down just like a light rain shower. Launched in 1792, this classic cologne that cannot be surpassed.

The opening of the scent is like a pleasant, cooling shower. Top notes include mainly bergamot, lemon and orange, complemented with very unique basil accents. The fruity freshness of the scent is gradually softened by floral notes, classic rose and lovely rosemary being among the most distinctive ones. The pleasant freshness persists though. The whole composition is based on sensual musk.

The 4711 Original cologne is an irresistible scent, mainly due to the perfect balance of all its ingredients that make a breathtaking combination. The scent is pleasantly and lightly refreshing, yet feminine and seductive.

This is how every woman wants to feel, ideally every day. The 4711 scent emphasizes the purity of a woman, yet discreetly accentuates her beauty and fragility. It is ideal for all women and girls who want to feel pleasantly fresh, light and feminine, and all that with elegance and grace.

This cologne is ideal for day wear as the natural beauty of the woman who wears this scent stands out best in bright sunshine.

Ever since it was first introduced, the 4711 scent has had the same, original bottle that accentuates how unique and exceptional this scent is.

About the brand 4711

The 4711 brand – a rather unique name for a fragrance brand which originated in Germany and was founded by an Italian immigrant Johann Maria Farina, who introduced his very first fragrance in the early years of the 18th century under the brand name Eau de Cologne. After some serious family conflicts, the brand was eventually named 4711, Farina's family house number. 4711 developed a very specific style fragrance which still remains amongst the best around the world.

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