A-Derma Derm´Intim Feminine Wash Gel pH 5.5

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  • A-Derma Derm´Intim Feminine Wash Gel pH 5.5 (Protective Cleansing Gel) 6.7 ozFeminine Wash Gel pH 5.5 Clearance

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    (Protective Cleansing Gel) 6.7 oz
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  • A-Derma Derm´Intim Feminine Wash Gel pH 5.5 (Protective Cleansing Gel) 17 ozFeminine Wash Gel pH 5.5 

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    (Protective Cleansing Gel) 17 oz
    Beauty Code: ADE1456

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for all types of skin

The positive effects of an oatmeal bath has been well-known by our ancestors. For more than 30 years the effects of oat on human skin have been tested in French A-Derma laboratories. The local experts compared different kinds of oat and found Rhealba ® oat the most suitable for the needs of sensitive and irritated skin since it brings calming, regenerative, nourishing, hydrating and antioxidizing results. Oat is grown in the south-western part of France. The farming conditions are very strict. No artificial fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and genetically modified grains are used.A-Derma takes pride in continuous development and ecological attitude. All organic stuff used while growing is properly recycled. The philosophy of the company is based on supplying the market with organic care for sensitive skin. A-derma products are the result of professional organic production. Those suffering from sensitive skin can choose a Sensifluid or Sensiphase product series. To help heal small wounds, irritations and scars, the Epitheliale series is the best choice.

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