Adidas Get Ready! Eau De Toilette for women

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Description of perfume Adidas Get Ready!



Perfume bottle

Overall impression



Top notes

Orange, Grenadine, Melon

Middle notes

Sugar, Water Lily

Base notes

Cedar, Amber, Musk

Sweet eau de toilette for women Adidas Get Ready! is a fruit cocktail which becomes relaxing fun for your olfactory senses. An exceptional aquatic composition with naturally cooling effects, maintaining its natural elegance through woody notes.

Adidas Get Ready! helps you manage any situation of your day. Floral and fruity joy formed mainly by melon, lotus and sugar cane. A selection of all the best you can wish for on a sunny summer day. Become an essentially irresistible girl who longs for freedom.

The simple bottle of Adidas Get Ready! has a purely sporty character. A practical package brimming with power of life and vital energy. A cooling whiff of something new and unknown you can introduce to all those around you.

About the brand Adidas

Adidas is famously known around the world for their production of ahtletic clothing, shoes, sport gear, and other accessories. The Adidas brand was founded by Adolf Dassler in 1925, which has now grown to a gigantic globale corporation. Adidas is one of the best-selling producers of sports prooducts in the world, who has now entered the fragrance industry under the Coty company, selling fresh & unique sport fragrances. The elaborated Adidas series of perfumes & colognes are a must have for any athlete on and off the field.

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