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Agar Wood, Amber, Musk, Floral Notes, Sandalwood

Al Haramain Night Dreams is eau de parfum for women reminding of One Thousand and One Nights. An ancient and woody aroma full of exotic surprises ready for both young women and ladies. An expression of the essential luxury in the most natural way.

Al Haramain Night Dreams guarantees an unforgettable night experience at any social event. Its elements like sandal wood, amber, musk, and a big number of floral tones guarantee a feeling of self-confidence and energy. Enjoy every day like it was the last one.

This is proven by the design of its golden flacon shaped as an ancient tower. The magic of the oriental world  is now so close to you in this essential composition. Experience the story full of love, romance, and elegance. Submit to this strong aromatic experience.

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