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Sandalwood, Amber, Tobacco, Moss

Al Haramain Signature is a modern eau de toilette for self-confident men who long for an exceptional and exclusive aromatic experience. A composition of essences with unpredictable, strong effects with which you'll feel absolutely free. An aroma to underline your elegance and pride.

Al Haramain Signature eau de toilette for men combines several strictly manly ingredients, such as tobacco, amber, sandalwood, and moss. A combination to make you long for discoveries and adventure. Dazzle the women around you in the most romantic of ways, radiating right from your body.

Al Haramain Signature is na oriental eau de toilette based on simplicity in a matching, pleasantly shaped, transparent flacon. Its heart contains what can be described as a perfect essential experience you can enjoy at any social event. Go for this tried and proved quality.

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