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Rose, Lemon, Sandalwood, Agar Wood, Amber, Musk, Olibanum

Rose Oud is an oriental floral fragrance with a major balmy element designed for both women and men. It's a part of The Collector collection by a young French producer of niche perfumes Alexandre.J, unique thanks to considering perfumes as luxury products and by its unusual use of absolutely exceptional materials. The brand works with them in a highly creative, even artistic way, thus bringing to life products full of emotions. Each of the perfumes by Alexandre.J is a perfectly balanced composition and offers a unique aromatic experience. Rose Oud eau de parfum is no exception, as it is an amazing interpretation of the popular duo of oud wood and rose.

One of the central components of Alexandre.J Rose oud eau de parfum is precious wood of aquilaria, also called eagle wood, agarwood, oud, aoud or oudh (in Arabic), a fascinating material with a resinoid aroma and the most precious wood in the world, for centuries used for production of frankincense and (mainly Arabian) perfumes. This truly regal ingredient, also called liquid gold or the wood of the gods, is in Rose Oud less distinctive than it is usual and - as its name suggests - combines with the fragrance of rose, the queen of flowers, and balmy, woody, and smoky chords.

The aromatic composition of Alexandre.J Rose Oud consists of musk, amber, lemon, olibanum, sandal wood, and  - naturally - of agarwood and rose. These materials are very noble and precious. Each of them reacts differently to body heat so the aroma of Rose Oud eau de parfum gradually develops to eventually reach the perfect balance. The aroma of Alexandre.J Rose Oud is mainly balmy and luxuriously woody and magically places the mild tone of rose on a smoky and powdery background.

Rose Oud is an enchanting, seductive, and absolutely unforgettable eau de parfum suitable for both day and night occasions all year long. It always makes you feel luxurious and exceptional, and wins hearts mainly of women and men who like woody-floral fragrances, mainly the combination of rose and agarwood. Everybody who loves luxury and appreciates a true quality and emotional drive should try it.

The Collector collection is a limited line of perfumes by Alexandre.J which rediscovers the true art of haute parfumerie with all its elegance, classic elements, and authenticity. The sensual as well as sophisticated, aromatic compositions of the perfumes from this collection are odes to expeditions of both body and mind. The Collector is a line of six perfumes that evoke an amazing mixture of oriental desert and French baroque architecture, luring to take a timeless expedition to the magical place addressing imagination.

Rose Oud pleases not only the most choosy of noses, but also fascinates the eyes of lovers of luxury design. The Collector collection offers elegant and refined flacons of sparkling colors, embellished by golden medaillons. Each of them is a true luxury object. In case of Alexandre.J Rose Oud, the embellished and uniquely designed dark pink flacon is complemented by a beautiful, sumptuous light pink box. Just like all the aromas from the Alexandre.J The Collector line, Rose Oud will take you on a trip to an unusual world you can hardly imagine.

Alexandre.J  Rose Oud – the aroma of oud wood and rose in a seductive and enchanting interpretation, inviting you to an unusual expedition.

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