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Description of perfume Annick Goutal Nuit Étoilée



Perfume bottle

Overall impression



Top notes

Orange, Lemon, Mint

Middle notes

Fir, Pine

Base notes

Tonka Beans, Angelica, Strawflower

Nuit Étoilée is a citrus woody aromatic fragrance. It was created by French brand of niche perfumes Annick Goutal, immensely original already thanks to its founder who also lent it her name. Annick Goutal, originally a successful pianist and model, found true fulfilment in designing fragrances. All perfumes of this brand are pervaded by Annick's original style and they are created in harmony with her admiring belief in the sophisticated fragility of nature. Nuit Étoilée, a pleasantly fresh and harmonious eau de toilette, is inspired by a stroll under a starry sky.

Annick Goutal Nuit Étoilée was created by renowned perfumer Isabelle Doyen. It symbolizes a return to the roots, the thrill from a stroll through a vast forest under a starry sky. Representatives of the brand describe the inspiration of Nuit Étoilée as follows: “To walk for hours at night in a nature left in a state of wilderness. To listen to the weeds getting crushed and fir cones cracking under one’s feet. To collect branches of conifers, to break them and smell the resinous vapors at the tip of one’s fingers. Then to lie down on the ground in the moonlight as if you were all alone in the world.“

The aromatic composition of Nuit Étoilée features accords of lemon, orange, peppermint, fir resin, everlasting flower, Siberian pine and angelica. The complex aroma is a combination of aromatic, woody, green, citrus and fresh and spicy aspects, resulting in a beautifully fresh and harmonious natural scent evoking the promised magic moment in a pristine forest.

Annick Goutal Nuit Étoilée is suitable for everyday wear, during the day and in the evening. Its scent is absolutely perfect for warmer months. It always creates a lovely atmosphere of a pristine forest for its wearers and wraps them in a fresh and harmonious aroma. Nuit Étoilée is excellent mainly for those who like scents bringing together citrus, woody and aromatic aspects. This unique eau de toilette should be tried by everybody who seeks quality, originality and pure emotions in a perfume. Nuit Étoilée is an excellent gift for your near and dear one who you want to treat to something really special.

Apart from an extraordinary aroma, Nuit Étoilée enchants you also with its packaging. This eau de toilette is available in two types of bottles – the tender, classic, luxurious and curvy one for woman and the impressive square one for men, colored in dark blue. Extend the range of your cosmetic products by a true masterpiece by the exceptional brand Annick Goutal and fall in love with the fragrance symbolizing a stroll through a pristine forest under a starry sky.

Annick Goutal Nuit Étoilée – fresh and harmonious eau de toilette, citrus, woody and aromatic.

About the brand Annick Goutal

Originally a pianist and model, Annick Goutal had a couple of unhappy twists and turns in her life which led her to perfume production in 1980. Her first three perfumes delivered uniqueness and talent, while her perfumes today remarkably reflect her note mastery and balance, providing a harmonious scent. It’s easy to see why fashion icons and celebrities like Madonna choose this brand. 

Today, Annick Goutal produces fragrances for men & women and still abides by her original philosophy: “When the tradition becomes timeless. Pure emotion.”

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