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Frankincense, Rose, Sandalwood, Agar Wood, Amber, Saffron

Oud Royal is an oriental balmy fragrance with a sharp chord of oud wood designed for women and men. It's created by luxurious Armani brand known mainly, but far from solely by men's clothes. Giorgio Armani, the founder of the brand and famous Italian fashion designer, focuses also on top-quality and stylish perfumes so the fans of this elite Italian fashion brand respected all over the world have an opportunity to complete their style with the aroma of success. Armani Prive Oud Royal eau de toilette brings to them a fascinating, deep, and noble aroma.

The central aroma of Armani Prive Oud Royal is wood of acquilaria tree, also called eagle wood, agarwood, oud, aoud or (in Arabic) oudh, an amazing material with a resinoid aroma and the most expensive wood in the world, for centuries used for production of incense and (mainly Arabian) perfumes. This truly royal ingredient, sometimes referred to as liquid gold or the wood of gods, is used by Armani in the composition of Oud Royal in combination with rose, sandalwood, saffron, amber, and incense to form a fragrance which captures the spirit of Oriental alchemy.

Oud Royal from the luxurious Armani Prive collection treats oud wood from Laos as a true jewel and pays a breathtaking tribute to its spectacular richness. Armani Prive Oud Royal is thus a deep, warm, and spicy elixir built on the most precious wood in the world. Renowned perfume designer Alberto Morillas created this eau de parfume for Armani with a deep respect to the character of its central component, and he masterfully underlined each of its characteristics. Amber highlights the depth of oud wood, spices support its almost beastly heat, and incense underlines its dark earthy aspects.

Armani Prive Oud Royal eau de parfume with its fascinating, spectacular aroma is suitable as a day as well as night perfume for any season. However, it ideally develops in colder months. Oud Royal forever wins hearts mainly of the customers who admire the aroma of agarwood in luxurious and quality-radiating compositions. Besides its aroma of the Armani quality Oud Royal enchants also by its package. Its flacon is luxurious, yet simple and elegant, as you'd expect from Armani brand and mainly its Prive collection. Both the flacon and the massive box are ready to become true jewels in your cosmetic set. Enrich it with this jewel by Armani - a brand which is a synonym of success in the perfume-making industry - and fall in love with one of the most successful interpretations of rightfully celebrated oud wood ever!

Armani Prive Oud Royal – a respectful ode to fascinating, majestic, and incredibly precious oud wood.

About the brand Armani

Mainly known as an Italian fashion brand for men, owner Giorgio Armani has also delved into the worlds of hospitality and gastronomy, glasses, and perfume.  The first Giorgio Armani perfume appeared in 1982---a cypress-floral fragrance named Giorgio Armani for women.  Aramni Acqua di Gio for men cologne was created with a blend of fresh, aromatic notes that are both masculine and sensual.

Today, Armani operates 13 factories and is sold in approximately 250 stores in 36 countries throughout the world, continuing to offer stylish clothing and a wide range of fragrances in the form of deodorant, after shave balm, and body lotions.

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