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  • Makeup Tips for BeginnersMakeup Tips for Beginners

    Makeup is one of the best tools women have to enhance their natural beauty. If you're starting in the world of makeup, or want to give a twist to your look and give a chance to the cosmetics industry, there are some things you should consider for ...


  • Makeup for Grey HairMakeup for Grey Hair

    Gray hair can be a startling change if you know how to embrace it. Now the question is: what type of makeup will look good with my gray hair? Although grey may seem like an extreme hair color, makeup doesn't have to be outrageous. The good thing ...


  • 2016 Hair trends2016 Hair trends

    New year, new hair. This 2016 comes with many objectives and for many people one of those goals is a complete makeover, or perhaps a change in their style. Whether you have rapunzel's hair or short hair, we have plenty of options for hairstyles, ...


  • Bridal Makeup TutorialBridal Makeup Tutorial

    For every woman, her wedding day must be perfect. Nothing can be left to chance, dress, hair and of course, her makeup is one of the most significant things. To glow during that special occasion and avoid surprises or last minute emergencies, it is ...


  • Top 5 products that will change your skinTop 5 products that will change your skin

    Women are always trying to find the best products for a healthy and moisturized skin. They avoid lotions containing alcohol or any other substance that can damage their body. But how can we find the best skin products? What natural products are more ...


  • Best shampoo for grey hair & the best gray hair productsBest shampoo for grey hair & the best gray hair products

    Did you dye your hair gray? Would you like to keep the color longer? Or is gray hair coming out and you want to give it a fabulous personality? Whatever the situation is, you need gray hair products that satisfy your needs and keep up with an ...


  • Home pedicure - how to fight cracked heelsHome pedicure - how to fight cracked heels

    Our feet are an important part of the body that we usually forget to take care of. They work so hard every day and receive little or no attention. When we mistreat our feet, they develop calluses and rough spots. A natural pedicure might be what you ...


  • Best Fake Tan 2016: Self Tanner ReviewsBest Fake Tan 2016: Self Tanner Reviews

    Getting a good tan is something most people look for when they go to the beach, extending their towels into the sand and spending hours under the sun. The beach is in high demand during summer, and some girls already want the best fake tan before ...


  • How to choose the best eyeliner for your eyesHow to choose the best eyeliner for your eyes

    Makeup is a great ally for every woman, that's why a good makeup according to the shape of your face or eyes will highlight the features that you like the most and will hide those "imperfections" you do not want to show off. Knowing how to outline ...


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