Avon Perceive Limited Edition Eau De Parfum for women

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Description of perfume Avon Perceive Limited Edition



Perfume bottle

Overall impression



Top notes

Freesia, Pepper

Middle notes

Carnation, Ylang - Ylang, Plum, Gardenia

Base notes

Sandalwood, Musk, Vanilla

Avon Perceive Limited Edition is a very popular fragrance for women, now in a new and more attractive look. The beautiful, long-lasting composition of Avon Perceive Limited Edition enchants you upon the very first application. Its pleasant, mild, floral-fruity tinge is bound to be appreciated by naturally elegant, mature women as well as young adolescent girls fond of floral fragrances with a tinge of seductive Orient.

This new edition of adored Perceive fragrance boasts a simply-shaped flacon which fully expresses the essence of this light and delicate perfume. Its pleasant blue accents in the transparent glass bottle create a harmony and are attractive thanks to their minimalist style. Try this tested and proved hit fragrance in a new, more attractive look and make yourself or people around you happy. Avon Perceive Limited Edition is for sale on our website for an unparalleled price!

Avon Perceive Limited Edition opens with a gentle play of specific tones of the sensual essence of white pepper and seductive freesia. In its heart, colorful blossoms of gardenia, juicy plum, magic ylang-ylang, and the intensive aroma of carnation play a gentle game of specific tones. The base of Avon Perceive Limited Edition is in the end completed by warm aromas of seductive sandal wood and sweetish vanilla, further highlighted by the specific, irresistible essence of musk.

The affordable cosmetics and perfumes by Avon became even more popular than the most luxurious brands from all over the world. Men and women of all age groups and lifestyles swear by the fragrances by Avon, surely thanks to their essences of reasonable quality and innovative ideas that make them always original and exceptional. Its range of products is wide, indeed; just close your eyes and let yourself get carried away by its exceptionally fresh and light compositions of nature or rich and sensual tones of delight.

The incredibly successful combination of floral softness and oriental intensity in Avon Perceive Limited Edition eau de parfume is a fragrance you'll fall in love with so you'll never want to try any other. Wear this beautiful fragrance to become irresistibly attractive and feel beatiful and fresh all day.

About the brand Avon

With more than 6 million independent distributors of Avon products in more than one hundred countries, Avon is a top-selling cosmetic giant within the beauty care industry. Avon offers skin and body care products, makeup, fragrances, clothing and home equipment.Initially, bookseller David McConnell added a small perfume as a gift to every order. Later on, a demand for his perfumes increased and David established the California Perfume Company.Most products were named Avon, after the birthplace of David’s favorite writer, William Shakespeare. The fragrances became so popular that the company decided to change its name to Avon Product Inc.  The company’s philosophy was developed around the idea of promoting products by having face-to-face contact with potential customers. The first Avon lady was Mrs. P.F.E. Albee, who became one of the first women to enjoy the privilege of being financially independent.  Avon has always supported women’s rights and the chance to be successful. The company is very active, participating in charity projects focused on the protection of women’s health by taking on issues such as breast cancer and domestic violence. It’s no surprise that Avon is also involved in many ecological issues as they were one of the first cosmetic companies to stop testing their products on animals more than 20 years ago.  The most popular Avon series include ANEW, LUXE, Planet Spa, Naturals, Solutions, AVON Color, Skin-So-Soft and Advance Techniques.Avon has always desired to make the world a more beautiful place.


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