Azzaro Azzaro Pour Homme Night Time Eau De Toilette tester for men

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Description of perfume Azzaro Azzaro Pour Homme Night Time



Perfume bottle

Overall impression



Top notes

Orange, Rhubarb

Middle notes

Nutmeg, Pepper

Base notes

Cedar, Vetiver

Azzaro Azzaro pour Homme Night Time is a fresh new fragrance that has been on the market since 2011. It is a spicy woody fragrance that opens with a refreshing cocktail of fruit. Azzaro pour Homme Night Time is for men who are not afraid to untie themselves, like the excitement of the city at night and look for style, light and youthful elegance. The perfume by Azzaro that will perfectly refresh you and turn you into an attractive seducer is just perfect for them. Try Azzaro pour Homme Night Time that was created for entertaining night plays.

The luxurious appearance of the fragrance will catch your attention at first sight.  The box in the attractive night black colour is not just elegant and seductive, but it also protects the perfume by Azzaro from damage. The bottle made of dark matte glass has an elegant shape and a massive black stopper. Together, they evoke style, magnetic attraction and perfect masculinity. Try Azzaro pour Homme Night Time that will add the desired spark to your life.

In the beginning, a combination of notes including juicy orange and slightly sour rhubarb provides an unusual experience for your senses and delivers pleasant refreshment. The original opening fades away in while and a spicy heart unfurls to the fullest. It is dominated by slightly pungent pepper and velvety soft nutmeg. A harmonious accord of spices gives the complex fragrance a tinge of strength and masculinity. The detailed ending combines original vetiver and dry cedar wood. Azzaro pour Homme Night Time Eau de Toilette has quite a long lasting effect.

The Azzaro brand is well-known especially by women because it offers mainly beautiful women's clothing. However, their perfumes are created for both women and men. You will fall in love primarily with luxury and quality that emanates from the Azzaro fragrances. The feminine compositions are refined, modern and romantic, just like the fashion of this brand. Men can choose between the classic and the modern style of the elaborate Azzaro perfumes.

Fall in love with true night time seduction with Azzaro pour Homme Night Time. Night time harmony and the dark sky with thousands sparkling stars will envy your style, elegance and attraction, if you put on the resounding spicy woody notes of this Azzaro fragrance.

What is a tester? Testers are commonly used in traditional perfumeries, enabling customers to test the perfume smell. Because the tester is not for sale to the customers, its design is not as colorful or distinctive. Tester differs from a classical product only in the packaging. It is packaged in a white box without any printing on it, and usually does not have a protective top on the sprayer. If you want to purchase a fragrance for yourself, and you do not need the box, then the tester is an ideal choice. If you want to send the fragrance to someone as a gift, the classic packaging is more appropriate.

About the brand Azzaro

Azzaro was founded by French-Italian fashion designer, Loris Azzaro, who was born in Tunisia into a family of Sicilian origin.  In 1962, Loris left for Paris to enter the world of fashion.  Azzaro represents Mediterranean luxury, sensuality and a pleasure-seeking lifestyle.

Before the 1960s, Azzaro’s work had already been established as an enchanting and sexy fashion label.  Soon, Azzaro started designing fragrances for women; the first was a woody, cypress fragrance, which was introduced in 1975.  Three years later, it was followed by Azzaro pour Homme, an aromatic, woody, fougere fragrance.

Now, Azzaro offers a range of perfumes; the most recent is Azzaro Chrome--- an aromatic, citrus cologne, which became the most successful in the Azzaro fragrance line.  It consists of delicate rosemary, pineapple, neroli, bergamot and lemon notes with jasmine, coriander, musk, and a cardamom base.

Most of the amazing Azzaro fragrances are inspired by the Mediterranean lifestyle and its authentic values---pleasure, hospitality and sociability.  Azzaro truly expresses the art of living, offering colognes which personify assertion as well as seductive perfumes for women.  Every new product is the result of new emotions, passion for innovation and quality ingredients.

Azarro cooperates with famous fragrance designers such as Maruice Maurin, Michel Almairac, Alberto Morilllas, Jacques Cavallier and Christine Nagel.  After his death, Azzaro was succeeded by French fashion designer Vanessa Seward, and later by Arnaud Maillard and Alvaro Castejon.


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