Babaria Rosa Mosqueta Eye Serum against expression wrinkles

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  • Babaria Rosa Mosqueta Eye Serum against expression wrinkles (Eye Serum) 0.5 ozEye Serum against expression wrinkles 

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Description of beauty product Babaria Rosa Mosqueta







According to skin problems

Wrinkles and Lines


for all types of complexion




Babaria Rosa Mosqueta eye serum against facial wrinkles is an ideal weapon in your fight against wrinkles thanks to rose hip oil, aloe vera, collage, and extracts of Acmella oleracea it contains. It uses cold pressed rose hip seed oil which keeps all the required properties; it contains a significant amount of essential fatty acids omega 3, 6, and 9 together with other substances that help the area around eyes look beautiful and youthful. Babaria Rosa Mosqueta relaxes the muscles around your eyes, moisturizes skin, and supports the production of fibroblasts. Designed also to protect your skin against sunrays and to renew skin damaged by them.

  • smoothing
  • eliminates wrinkles
  • balances the color tone of skin
  • deeply moisturizing
  • for elastic and firm skin
  • prevents the emergence of wrinkles


  • rose hip oil –  retains water and improves hydration of skin
  • 6% Aloe Vera – moisturizing, softening
  • polyimide-1– effectively stretches skin on the circles under the eyes

Type of skin:

Suitable for all types.


Using the tips of your fingers, tap the serum into the area around eyes every morning and/or evening.

About the brand Babaria

Babaria is a Spanish brand owned by Berioska, S. L. Their headquarters is located in Valencia and its production has expanded around the globe. The assortment of Babaria organic care includes skincare, body care, haircare, sun protection, and special skincare for kids. Babaria makes excellent organic care products with the use of extracts such as aloe vera, rose, snake venom, snail, caviar, ginseng, pearls and gold. Babaria cosmetics provides skin with anti-aging care – skin glow, elasticity and wrinkle reduction. The most recent series is called Twenty which involves special skincare for ages ranging from 20-30. The product eliminates wrinkles and helps keep its skin flexibility.

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