Balenciaga Balenciaga Paris Eau De Parfum for women

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Patchouli, Cedar, Labdanum, Pepper, Carnation, Violet, Vetiver, Spices, Bergamot

Balenciaga Balenciaga Paris is a floral, chypre fragrance. A combination of freshness with velvet-like warmness. Every woman will feel very good when wearing it, as it's suitable for any season.

When opened, Balenciaga Paris is a very fine, powdery, tender perfume, mostly thanks to the aroma of violet, characteristic of the whole composition. The violet is accompanied by tones of iris that add distinctive feminity, and this fine, sweet aroma of flowers very naturally merges with earthy and spicy elements of the perfume. Pepper is very distinctive here, as it underlines the freshness of major accents of citrus aromas. The base of the perfume is rather dry and fine, formed by sensual musk and warm wood - sandal and cedar.

Balenciaga Paris is a very elegant and sophisticated as well as modern and exceptional fragrance. Natural and calm, earthy tones prevail in it, with a slight touch of the aroma of flowers. The resulting aroma is thus very personal and intimate - a pleasant veil covering the whole body. Sensual and truly attractive. Through its woody part it makes an irresistibly feminine impression.

The woman who wears this perfume has a sophisticated taste and her own style, filled with the atmosphere of luxury. Such woman is self-confident and successful and likes to choose what she enjoys. A gourmet not satisfied with what everybody else has. Different and original, that's what she'd like to be. And all this is concealed in Balenciaga Paris.

Thanks to its lightness and fineness it's suitable for day use, and it's perfect for your days spent in the office, wearing your pant suit. In terms of style, though, it's suitable also for more relaxed moments and informal clothes, but it won't disappoint you at any important event when it highlights your exceptionality and natural beauty.

About the brand Balenciaga

Balenciaga perfumes are named after a very successful and charismatic Spanish designer who founded his own fashion house in 1937. Many world-renowned personalities admired Balenciaga, the creator of unconventional and unique fashion.  His beautiful work came to an end in 1968 when he decided to close his textile empire.  However, the brand revived after a few years, now producing unique products and perfumes which undoubtedly reflect the brand’s uniqueness within their composition of aromatic scents.  Balenciaga continues to rise as one of the absolute leaders in the worlds of fashion and fragrance.

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