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Description of perfume Bebe Perfumes Bebe


Overall impression


Perfume bottle



Top notes

Sweet Peas, Tuberose, Mango

Middle notes

Rose, Jasmine

Base notes

Cedar, Sandalwood, Musk

Bebe Bebe is a romantic floral fragrance for women and girls with a fine base of exotic woods. Bebe is a perfume you'll wear mainly on warm days at any occasion. Whenever you'd like to surround yourself with a pink haze of youth and grace, put on this unique composition of nature and let yourself be carried away by the magic of attractiveness.

Bebe, whose products are not too widespread, put this pink cocktail of youthful seductiveness into an interesting glass flacon, and its heart-shaped bottle and a silver, metallic cap are signs of the tender character of this perfume. Its simple applicator and a heart-shaped locket with tiny glitters is a nice thing to please every romantic girl. The clear lines of its box and its pleasant, light pink color evoke youth, grace, and a good taste.

Its sweetish opening is formed by a juicy nectar from ripe mango, a simple note of vetchling, and breathtaking tuberose. Its heart contains an oriental chord of elegant jasmine and beautiful rose, and its combination will make you become incredibly feminine. Its seductive cocktail of precious woods, dominated by exotic sandalwood and dry cedar, deliciously mingles with sensual musk. Bebe and its romantic tones remain on your skin up to several hours after the application.

Bebe is a brand producing popular women's clothing. This elegant, youthful fashion is not very widespread, and the same goes for the perfumes by Bebe. That's a pity, though, as it produces very pleasant clothing suitable for lots of women and even more successful fragrances. The Bebe brand hasn't created a big number of perfumes, yet. The ones available on the market are very attractive, though. Most of them are fine and tastefully composed combinations of fruits, flowers, and precious wood. Bebe and its amazing perfumes are definitely bound to become very popular all over the world!

If this is your first time in the realm of Bebe, try its very feminine Bebe Bebe perfume. This cocktail of love, mixed for all the women who love fine grace and an attractive feminine aroma, leaves on you a pink tone and the romantic aura of flowers and seductive wood.

About the brand Bebe Perfumes

Bebe is a fashion brand name coming from the USA. The company was established in 1976 by an Iranian emigrant Manny Mashouf, a fashion designer who managed to fill in the gap on the market by producing original, daring and sexy fashion for women. The first Bebe store was opened in San Francisco California and it immediately became wanted. Soon, Manny Mashouf started to incline to fragrance design. His perfumes follow the same concept as his fashion collection. They are sexy, original, daring and trendy. Nowadays, Bebe designs and produces fashion accessories in individual series – Bebe, Bebe SPORT and 2b Bebe.

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