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Description of perfume Bijan VIP



Perfume bottle

Overall impression



Top notes

Plum, Black Currant, Tangerine

Middle notes

Tiaré Blossom, Jasmine, Lily

Base notes

Amber, Musk, Vanilla

Bijan VIP is an enchanting feminine fragrance full of juicy fruit, lovely flowers and sensual vanilla. The sweet and unique composition of VIP was introduced in 2008 along with its masculine counterpart. This perfume by Bijan is the one and only for all youthful women and girls who like to surround themselves with beautiful and pleasant things. Enjoy the tempting tinge of youth, joy of life and vitality and you will instantly become a VIP person who everybody will long to be close to.

Discover the magic of success housed in a beautiful and very interesting packaging that will draw your attention at first sight. The unusual shape of the flacon reminiscent of a ring in the colors of the rainbow, a massive transparent stopper and the name VIP will be a dominant of every cosmetics shelf. A colourful box with sharp edges, which the perfume is housed in, evokes uniqueness, originality and unconventionality. If you want to become a VIP who everybody wants to spend at least a little while with, put on the sparkling notes of the VIP perfume!

A flawless, harmonious combination of natural beauty, subtle charm and the intoxicating power of femininity mingles with a sweet flavour of fruit, flowers and vanilla. In the first moments, you will enjoy delicious orange juice with pieces of delicious plum, fresh mandarin and slightly sour red currant. You will experience the beauty of flowers in the pure heart. The snow-white innocence of fascinating lily and exotic jasmine will linger on you for an extraordinarily long time. Sensual base notes formed by adorable vanilla, musk and sweet and creamy amber will stick in the mind of everybody who comes into contact with you. The VIP eau de toilette has quite a long lasting effect.

The American luxury company producing men's suits is called Bijan. This prestigious brand has only VIP customers among its clientele. Actors, important politicians and fashion designers like to wear the prestige of the famous name Bijan. People in our country tend to know rather the aromatic accessories by Bijan. Bijan perfumes are designed for men and women who long for something original, specific and unusual. If you don't want to be one of the crowd wearing ordinary and run-of-the-mill fragrances, choose Bijan!

Sweet beauty and the taste of something unusual and peculiar. That's VIP! Dive in the nectar of fruit and petals of lovely flowers with sensual vanilla cream poured all over them. Try what it is like to be a VIP with all privileges and the admiration of those around you!

About the brand Bijan

Developed by the deceased, yet successful designer Bijan Pakzard, Bijan is an exotic and noble name in the world of fragrances.  In addition to his refined taste, he was also well known for his luxurious and first-class work.  He took pride in owning the most expensive store in the world as well as producing original and exotic perfumes.  Even the flacons are aesthetically unique and different than any of the brand’s competitors.  The actual charm and uniqueness of the products are hidden precisely within the flacons.  Most of the fragrances from this manufacturer are enriched with the strong, Oriental scents that evoke the feelings of relaxation and ease.

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