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Testers are special versions composed of the same ingredients as the original product. They are packed in a white box and usually don’t come with a spray cap.
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Description of perfume Boucheron Jaipur Homme



Perfume bottle

Overall impression



Top notes

Cardamom, Lemon, Bergamot, Lime

Middle notes

Rose, Carnation, Jasmine, Cinnamon

Base notes

Patchouli, Cedar, Benzoin, Tonka Bean

Launched in 1997, Boucheron Jaipur Homme is an extraordinarily intensive fragrance for men. It is classified as an oriental spicy perfume with a subtle woody base. It is designed for self-confident men of all ages and you will enjoy it especially in colder weather. Jaipur Homme is excellent for all occasions. Your colleagues will be dazzled by it at a work meeting, where it will turn you into an elegant and distinctive man. Your dear one will appreciate its strong scent and she will admire it on you whenever you put it on. Those around you will ask what it is you smell so beautiful of and you will be able to get intoxicated by its sensual and unique aroma again and again.

This perfume by Boucheron with a honey gold colour is encased in transparent glass. The interesting design of its bottle is decorated with a dark blue metal stopper. The box has the same colour and it is decorated with golden motives. At first sight, the entire packaging evokes elegance, strength and sophisticated style. The men wearing Jaipur Homme does not make compromises and works hard to pursue his goals. An intensive tinge of spices and wood turns him into a fearless beast of prey who always gets what he wants.

Jaipur Homme opens with fresh citrus top notes, among which lemon and lime are the most dominant. They are accompanied by distinctive spices represented by bergamot. Heart notes consist of sweet cinnamon, delicate nutmeg, delightful heliotrope and noble jasmine. A seductive cocktail made with dry cedarwood, tonka bean, patchouli and charming vanilla makes a perfect ending. The complex fragrance is characterized by luxury, style and a classic tinge of elegance. The perfume has immense staying power. You will be able to smell its pleasant woody oriental notes from you skin for up to several days after application.

The history of the Boucheron brand goes back to 19th century. It became famous as a leading French company producing exquisite jewels. They were worn by czarinas, queens and all women of importance at that time. Apart from producing beautiful jewels, the company gradually started creating perfumes. Boucheron fragrances represent a wide range of different notes intended for both men and women. Customers are also attracted by the flawless appearance of their bottles, reminiscent of jewels and precious stones. Boucheron simply cannot hide its jeweller's origin.

Boucheron Jaipur Homme is a very popular masculine fragrance which has been pleasing millions of men all around the world for 15 years. Thanks to its intensive and very manly oriental woody notes, Jaipur Homme can turn every man into an elegant, stylish and self-confident seducer.

What is a tester? Testers are commonly used in traditional perfumeries, enabling customers to test the perfume smell. Because the tester is not for sale to the customers, its design is not as colorful or distinctive. Tester differs from a classical product only in the packaging. It is packaged in a white box without any printing on it, and usually does not have a protective top on the sprayer. If you want to purchase a fragrance for yourself, and you do not need the box, then the tester is an ideal choice. If you want to send the fragrance to someone as a gift, the classic packaging is more appropriate.

About the brand Boucheron

Boucheron was established in 1858 by a French jewelry designer Frederic Boucheron who ran a jewelry shop.  His professionally created products became very popular over time and to a certain extent, they were also used as an art collection.  Moreover, Boucheron added perfume design to his primary area of business.   With precisely decorated bottles and a timeless design, his light, floral fragrances, started to attract the world in 1988.  His stronger scents are designed for absolute connoisseurs.

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