Boucheron Pour Homme Eau De Parfum for men

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Description of perfume Boucheron Pour Homme



Perfume bottle

Overall impression



Top notes

Orange, Lemon, Basil, Lavender, Bergamot, Tangerine, Verbena

Middle notes

Orris, Rose, Carnation, Jasmine, Lily Of The Valley, Ylang - Ylang

Base notes

Benzoin, Vetiver, Tonka Beans, Sandalwood, Amber, Musk

Boucheron Pour Homme eau de toilette is a fragrance full of freshness, luxury and elegance. This harmonious composition of essences is accentuated by woody notes full of sensuality. Open your arms and embrace this lovely and masculine fragrance.

Top notes of bergamot, orange and basil will please your mind and soul. Essences of coriander, rose and ylang-ylang are slumbering in the heart of this eau de toilette. The base of Boucheron Pour Homme eau de toilette consists of patchouli, sandalwood, vetiver and moss notes. Treat yourself to these harmonious notes of all the essences. Be exceptional and sexy.

This eau de toilette is for men who know exactly what they want from life. They have style and a sense of elegance. They are unique. You too wrap yourself in this lovely fragrance full of spectacular essences in every season. You will see that the fragrance will suit you. Let it accompany you at a business meeting, while having dinner or while going for a romantic walk.

Order Boucheron Pour Homme in our e-shop and try this blissful feeling charged with passion. It was launched in 1991.

About the brand Boucheron

Boucheron was established in 1858 by a French jewelry designer Frederic Boucheron who ran a jewelry shop.  His professionally created products became very popular over time and to a certain extent, they were also used as an art collection.  Moreover, Boucheron added perfume design to his primary area of business.   With precisely decorated bottles and a timeless design, his light, floral fragrances, started to attract the world in 1988.  His stronger scents are designed for absolute connoisseurs.

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