Bruno Banani Absolute Man deodorant with a sprayer for men

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Do you like unique, provocative perfumes with a drop of sensuality?  If so, Bruno Banani is the right choice for you.  The brand’s philosophy is “Bruno Banani is not for everyone!”  Bruno Banani already holds a place as one of the world’s leading brands in fashion.  It offers luxurious underwear, jewelry, watches, glasses, shoes and perfumes.  Bruno Banani fragrances are aimed at confident women and energetic men.  By choosing to wear a Bruno Banani fragrance, you’re making the statement that you are a unique individual with your own view on life and have a spontaneous sense of humor. It is a challenge combining high quality, style, freedom and unboundedness.


What is the story and origin behind Bruno Banani? In 1993, former Tricotex textile company director,Wolfgang Jesser, joined Klaus Jungwickel and founded Bruno Banani.  Their first commercial action was presenting a luxurious lingerie collection which was promoted in the most untraditional ways.  Bruno Banani underwear was tested 4800 meters below sea level at Mir Orbital Station during an African expedition.  One of the most controversial promotion events took place in 2007 when a commando of pretty girls filled the streets to check the underwear of passing men.


Since 2000, Bruno Banani started producing desirable fragrance compositions in unconventionally beautiful perfume bottles which gained attention and popularity.


Disregard stereotypes and satisfy the desire of showing your uniqueness.  And remember, Bruno Banani is not for everybody; it’s for you!



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