Cacharel Scarlett Eau De Toilette for women

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  • Cacharel Scarlett Eau De Toilette for women 2.7 oz Eau De Toilette for women 2.7 oz 

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About the brand Cacharel



Perfume bottle

Overall impression



Top notes

Tea, Pear, Citrus Fruit

Middle notes

Jasmine, Floral Notes, Honey Suckle

Base notes

Sandalwood, Musk

Named after a little bird known as a Camargue, Cacharel was created and established in the city of Nimes, in Southern France in 1962, by Jean Bousquet.  As the son of a merchant who sold sewing machines, he was absorbed by the world of fashion from a young age.  Originally, it was skirts and blouses (not cosmetics and perfumes) that the young French dreamer made his living from.


After he graduated from a technical university, he returned to Paris to establish his own fashion house at the loft of his abode in Marais.  Cacharel perfumes are inspired by traditional femininity and are active and full of color.  They are remarkable for their light, sensitive, fair tones and noble materials.  The alchemy of Cacharel perfumes is a mixture of traditional and modern influences which distinguish them from the rest.  Put on a luxury and youthful fragrance such as Cacharel Scarlett---ladies will be secretly jealous while many gentlemen will nod in approval.


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