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    Eau De Parfum 3,4 oz + Body Milk 6,7 oz
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Calvin Klein Escape is a floral, very light and refreshing fragrance for women. Do you long for faraway exotic countries? Do you want to experience an unobtrusive sensation of cleanliness and joy? Escape by Calvin Klein is here right for you. A fragrance which adapts to your needs and perfectly blends in with your personality. Treat yourself to the pleasure of freshness and femininity, which suits gentle and youthful women.

Soothing camomile intensified by distinctive blackcurrant and fresh apple disarm you in the first moments. Sweet notes of rose and peach combined with jasmine and cloves can be found in the heart of the fragrance. Warm essences of sandalwood, vetiver and musk wrap you up like a silk scarf in the end.

The Calvin Klein perfumes are specific for their fresh and youthful scents for women and men. Escape extended their portfolio in 1991 and won the prestigious FiFi award a year later. Enter the world of intoxicating scents of the exotic and refresh your body and mind with the simple, yet sensual and feminine perfume Calvin Klein Escape!

About the brand Calvin Klein

Can you imagine a young boy from Bronx designing women’s clothes at the beginning of the 1940s?  Though it was hard for him to find his own way, visualize his future and show his true genius, Richard Calvin Klein was eventually granted a scholarship to The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Eventually, Calvin Klein was discovered by Barry Schwartz, a man who helped Calvin develop his business skills.The very first customer of Calvin Klein was Bonwit Teller (a store that specialized in skirts and coats for men and women). Calvin Klein soon became one of the top specialists in the world of fashion, cosmetics and fragrance. Clean lines of women’s sportswear, men’s underwear and of course, world-famous Calvin Klein jeans are some of the top-sellers for the CK brand.Calvin Klein is considered the youngest fashion designer to be awarded The Coty Award in 1973, 1974 and 1975.  In 1982, 1983 and 1986, he also won The Council of Fashion Designers of America Award for his excellent designs.

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