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Carner Barcelona perfumes | Carner Barcelona – aromas of pure emotions. Carner Barcelona is an exclusive Spanish line of niche perfumes, driven by the desire for authentic sensual experiences and inspired by true emotions and fleeting, yet significant moments in life.

This brand was founded in 2009 by Sara Carner, passionately dedicated to production of top perfumes. In her incessant search for authenticity and quality and tireless desire to create by combining aromas and experiences, she joined forces with renowned perfume designers from all over the world and together they have created a number of original and unconventional perfumes and a collection of flacons full of memories and emotions.

These exceptional fragrances coming in moderate lines of the minimalist black and white packages remain loyal to the unconventional and cosmopolitan character of Barcelona and the silver sign of Carner Barcelona pays tribute to tradition by reminding of ancient metal doors, so typical for the cities in the 19th century. In each perfume by Carner Barcelona an amazing woody note playes a significant role, visually represented also by original wooden caps of the flacons.

Today, Carner Barcelona offers five amazing perfumes created with a passion for the top perfumes and combining aromas with authentic emotions and experiences in an unmistakable way. Carner Barcelona line offers more than just fragrances. “It’s not only about creating fragrances, but also about recalling memories, sharing experiences, and passing on emotions.” (Sara Carner, founder of Carner Barcelona)

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