Carolina Herrera CH CH Men Sport Eau De Toilette tester for men

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Testers are special versions composed of the same ingredients as the original product. They are packed in a white box and usually don’t come with a spray cap.
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Description of perfume Carolina Herrera CH CH Men Sport



Perfume bottle

Overall impression



Top notes

Bergamot, Grapefruit, Sage

Middle notes

Juniper, Pepper, Water Notes

Base notes

Vetiver, Sandalwood, Moss

Carolina Herrera CH Men Sport is a delicate fragrance for men. CH Men Sport is classified as citrus spicy perfume with a woody base. Its refreshing ingredients and distinctive spices make this composition suitable for ordinary days and summertime. The owner of this fragrance by Carolina Herrera can be sure he will have an irresistible tinge of masculinity, which he won't lose even while doing the most demanding activity or sport.

CH Men Sport comes in a simple, yet interesting bottle. It is red and white, these colours being divided by vertical lines, and decorated with a metal stopper. The box of the perfume features the same colours and it also has a simple, rectangular shape. If you are looking for an excellent gift for your near and dear one and you are sure he is a keen sportsman who prefers gentle and delicate refreshing fragrances, do not hesitate and give him CH Men Sport by Carolina Herrera.

Icy fresh shower formed by grapefruit nectar intensified by pleasant sage and manly bergamot settles down on your skin with the first notes of this fragrance. The heart of the perfume is inhabited by cooling aquatic notes along with distinctive juniper and slightly pungent pepper. Accords of sandalwood, earthy vetiver and pleasant moss are very captivating. Even though the fragrance is refreshing, it is also very long-lasting. It is created to follow its owner even while he is doing an extraordinary demanding activity.

Carolina Herrera is linked mainly with elegant women's fashion. It became so popular in the USA that Carolina decided to create a line of magnificent perfumes as an accessory to her clothes collections. Carolina Herrera fragrances also include perfumes for men. Her wide range of perfumes includes fragrances of different kinds, all of them high-quality, amusing and modern. You will find fresh, original, classic and rich notes that will suit everybody who is not afraid to get loose and likes having fun. Try some of the fragrances by Carolina Herrera that can be found on our website for very favourable prices.

Put on for instance citrus spicy temptation created for sporty men. Gain a tinge of fearless and active beast of prey who always gets everything he wants. The unusually manly aroma of spices will also help you become self-assured and you will be able to do your favourite sport to the maximum!

What is a tester? Testers are commonly used in traditional perfumeries, enabling customers to test the perfume smell. Because the tester is not for sale to the customers, its design is not as colorful or distinctive. Tester differs from a classical product only in the packaging. It is packaged in a white box without any printing on it, and usually does not have a protective top on the sprayer. If you want to purchase a fragrance for yourself, and you do not need the box, then the tester is an ideal choice. If you want to send the fragrance to someone as a gift, the classic packaging is more appropriate.

About the brand Carolina Herrera

Venezuelan fashion designer Carolina Herrera came to fame in 1988 with her fragrance 537-212. These numbers refer to an area code of Manhattan, New York, the city which Herrera fell in love with.  In addition to fragrances, Carolina Herrera Eue de Toilettes offers deodorants, body lotions, shower gels, aftershaves, and other cosmetic products. Today, Carolina Herrera symbolizes luxury and timelessness represented in unique bottles that come in a variation of colors---silver, gold, and pink.

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