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Description of perfume Caron Yatagan



Perfume bottle

Overall impression



Top notes

Basil, Lavender, Galbanum, Cress, Pine, Mint

Middle notes

Patchouli, Artemisia, Oak, Moss

Base notes

Frankincense, Castoreum, Wooden Notes, Musk

Caron Yatagan is an oriental eau de toilette for men who long for an exotic and mysterious adventure of sharp aromatic compositions. It contains warm, rich, and elegant tones full of sensuality that are presented with their smoky aroma typical of strong and proud men.

Caron Yatagan is eau de toilette which takes you on trips to the depths of herbal and fresh, spicy compositions without any limits. A delicious flavor of oriental wood, incense as well as mint or patchouli. A pleasant aroma for any season you'll immediately fall in love with just like all the women around you.

The flacon of Caron Yatagan eau de toilette for men has a purely tobacco basic tone. Its woody form of the inner essence suggests that it belongs among rather heavy, yet pleasant elements. Experience emotions of joy and adrenalin coming to you from distant Turkey. Get ready to welcome this feel of exotica.

About the brand Caron

Caron perfumes | Caron is a brand which stands for luxury, tradition, and aristocratic grace. If you are looking for an unusual fragrance with a touch of history, proven by time and great numbers of customers, then Caron perfume is the right product for you. Don’t expect any seasonal hit, immediately enchanting but lasting only a while; this is a true excursion to the very essence of perfumes.

Speaking of a long tradition in relation to the Caron perfumes makes good sense, as it was established by perfume master Ernest Daltroff in 1904 when its way to glory and fame could start. The first fragrance with which Caron just stunned the public was Narcisse Noir for women in 1911. Immediately it became clear that Caron would be a producer of specific, original and characteristic perfumes, and in the years to come it turned out to be true. Daltroff mixed lots of amazing perfumes, and the muse of his life – Félicie Wanpouilee – designed stylish flacons. This hard-working duo worked together until Daltroff’s death in 1940.

At the beginning of last century another legend was born in France, and it’s still popular, as some of the customers long for a breath of nostalgia and times when time was not flying this quick and the perfume-making was an amazing experiment which required a lot of time and space.

The history of the delicate and incredibly elegant perfumes by Caron lines the history of perfumes like an aromatic thread – floral Infini fragrance, reinforced by spices, Tabac Blond for independent women, warming Christmas perfume Nuit de Noel from roses and ylang-ylang, Bellodgia majestic composition or fragile and fresh lily of the valley and magnolia in Muguet du Bonheur. Let’s not omit red sky Nocturnes or perfectly rich and floral Fleur de Rocaille. Quite likely the most famous and for some even the best fragrance by Caron is Parfum Sacré; it’s exactly the type of perfume you’ll never forget. You can smell in it harmony as well as some seductive excitement.

It still enchants people by its noble honey aroma, tones of rich rose, and the prime quality spices and woods. Caron doesn’t forget about men either, as you can see with Herbal Yatagan or sharp Caron Pour Un Homme.

The products by Caron may not be extremely popular in some countries, but thanks to their qualities they win hearts of fans and enchant lots of people. The company still retains the image of an amazing workshop creating timeless products. As one of the few brands from this discipline, it sticks solely to the production of perfumes without enriching its portfolio with other fashionable goods. If you don’t succumb to new fashionable products that quickly fade and are looking for an anchor in the middle of this consumer world, Caron will be your true choice.



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