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Description of perfume Cartier de Lune



Perfume bottle

Overall impression



Top notes

Juniper, Pepper

Middle notes

Rose, Lily Of The Valley, Honey Suckle, Cyclamen

Base notes

Wood, Musk

Cartier de Lune is a floral woody fragrance. Launched in 2011, it is designed for the self-confident woman who does not need to envelop her natural charm and excellent personality in too ostentatious notes. De Lune is as light as moonlight and its exquisite bottle reflects the true character of its intimate and original scent. The fresh composition of lovely flowers and seductive wood is so delicately beautiful, like a crystal clear jewel. If you prefer rather unobtrusive and pleasant floral notes, Cartier De Lune will shine on you like silver moonlight.

The charm of this fragrance by Cartier begins with an elegant accord of pink pepper and juniper. Later on, a gate opens to a beautiful world of flowers, where creamy honeysuckle, slightly sweet rose, and two of the most tender plants in the world, cyclamen and lily of the valley, are in blossom right now. An exotic hint of wood and musk leaves an invisible trace of elegance and fresh luxury on your skin, which lasts for a pleasantly long time.

Perfumes by the prestigious jewellery brand Cartier have become famous all around the world for their excellent compositions of flowers, fruit and precious ingredients, and for their flawless bottle design. If it is not just a pleasant scent that you expect from your perfume, but something more, choose Cartier. This brand can turn every single piece into an unbelievable experience of all your senses. Cartier does not impress only the olfactory sense of its customers, it offers them delight in other areas too. No other brand but Cartier can make such perfect bottles and boxes, almost always looking like precious jewels. Cartier De Lune does not immediately draw all attention to you. It is too decent and gentle to do that. But it always guarantees that you look fresh, immensely beautiful and irresistible.

About the brand Cartier

Originally founded by Louis-Francois Cartier in 1847 as a jewelry company, today, Cartier belongs to fragrance producers who are constantly searching for the rarest and highest-quality ingredients to create masterful fragrances such as Cartier L’Heure Vertuese III, Baiser Vole, Cartier de Lune and more. Even more impressive, Cartier can design a fragrance to reflect the owner’s individuality---an extremely difficult and time-consuming activity.  Whether the fragrances are strong, soft or sweet, each of them is filled with passion and charm, giving you a timeless scent.

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