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Cedar, Galbanum

Chopard Noble Cedar is an excellent new perfume for men launched in 2011. It's based on spicy tones made special by fresh cedar, and it's a very elegant perfume suitable mainly for self-confident men who'd like to feel just excellent in any situation. Noble Cedar is suitable for warm summer days for any occasion. It will do its job when you're at work where it will help you become a competent and very sophisticated man. Your chosen one will not have enough of it on your date, and when spending your leisure time while wearing Noble Cedar you'll feel perfectly relaxed and yourself.

Prestigious Chopard brand put this greenish composition of spices and wood into a very unique flacon, made of a combination of transparent glass and shiny metal. Thanks to its cylindrical shape it's very practical and easy to apply, while its silver box makes a very elegant and manly impression. Thanks to its luxurious package and amazing aroma, Noble Cedar is also an excellent gift for those close to you so don't hesitate and make someone you like happy.

Noble Cedar is a very pleasant and stylish fragrance. At first, you can feel its refreshing power of young birch leaves whose life-giving power merges with spicy tones of precious wood. Its heart contains a seductive note of meadow clary thanks to which you'll feel exceptional and special. Its rich subtones are full of excellent dry cedar whose magic is further intensified by distinct labdanum. Its exceptional natural composition has extraordinarily long-lasting effects so you can smell it from your skin even several hours after the application.

Originally a renowned jeweler, Chopard today focuses also on the production of pleasant fragrances. The perfumes by Chopard have no long tradition or an exclusive position among the biggest producers of aromatic products. If you're not looking only for an attractive aroma but for a perfect experience for all your senses, go for some of the perfumes by Chopard. The jewel-making origins of this brand are still obvious, as no other company creates such amazing flacons like Chopard!

Chopard Noble Cedar is a very pleasant fragrance of spices and wood. The man who wears it is self-confident and strong and likes a tinge of elegance and grace. Order this noble cedar haze of success from our website for an unparalleled price and discover what feeling good really means!

About the brand Chopard

Chopard is one of the most famous watches and jewelry producers in the world. The history of Chopard started in 1860 in a Swiss village Sonvilier where a talented craftsman called Louis-Ulysse Chopard opened a small shop. His products got renowned far abroad (Russia, Scandinavian countries).

103 years later the Chopard company was bought by Karl Scheufele from Germany. Soon the brand entered the world of beauty and perfumes. Chopard follows the philosophy of six values: independence, quality and perfectionism, creativity, heritage, respect and courage. Chopard cooperates with a lot of professionals - Olivier Polgo, Bruno Jovanovic, Louise Turner, Michel Girard, Michel Almairac etc. The very first fragrance for women – Casmir –  became very popular. It is very sweet in its tropical and subtropical fruity top notes (coconut, mango, bergamot, orange…) and its floral middle notes (geranium, lily of the valley, jasmine) make the perfume very sensual. Some Chopard fragrances (e.g. Happy) are the part of a jewelry or watches collection which is also evident from the perfume bottles design – often resembling cut precious stones.

Chopard is one of the most renowned and environmentally conscious jewelry, watch and perfume producers in the world.  Known for such subtropical scents as coconut, mango and orange. Chopard is an attractive brand for those who prefer high quality products with unique characteristics. 

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