Christian Audigier Ed Hardy Love & Luck Woman Eau De Parfum tester for women

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Testers are special versions composed of the same ingredients as the original product. They are packed in a white box and usually don’t come with a spray cap.
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Description of perfume Christian Audigier Ed Hardy Love & Luck Woman



Perfume bottle

Overall impression



Top notes

Orange, Wood, Bergamot

Middle notes

Nectarine, Pepper, Jasmine, Plum, Currant

Base notes

Patchouli, Cedar, Sandalwood, Musk

Christian Audigier Ed Hardy Love & Luck is a refreshing floral-fruity fragrance ideal mainly for spring and summer days thanks to its pleasant lightness and coolness. Its flacon may evoke Japanese Oriental elements, but mainly it's a symbol of uncommonness and uniqueness of this fragrance, just like Japan is a unique country.

Ed Hardy Love & Luck immediately draws your attention by its delicious and juicy aroma of fruits, mainly fresh orange. The cooling chords of this fruity fragrance gradually merge with the aroma of sweet fruits and with tones of nectarines. Essences of other fruits softly join these tones, often so tender that they remind of the aroma of flowers. These are accents of cherry, plum, and blackcurrant. A light tinge of mysteriousness and the Orient is then provided by tones of jasmine underlined by and full of life thanks to warm sandal wood. The essence of dry patchouli then make this fragrance very original.

This perfume is an irresistibly delicious and optimistic aroma which will make you smile. A light, pleasantly uncomplicated, and joyful aroma. Ed Hardy Love & Luck is a fragrance you can rely on to make you feel happy. Thanks to the dominance of fruity fragrances in combination with a tinge of the Oriental elements it's a unique and absolutely original perfume.

Ed Hardy Love & Luck is designed for girls and ladies who are not afraid to be themselves, are unique, and have their own style which this perfume perfectly emphasizes.

Ed Hardy Love & Luck provides you with energy every day. Ideal for everyday use at school, in the office, and for times spent with your friends. It won't disappoint you at any party where it will be refreshing and full of energy of ripe fruits.

What is a tester? Testers are commonly used in traditional perfumeries, enabling customers to test the perfume smell. Because the tester is not for sale to the customers, its design is not as colorful or distinctive. Tester differs from a classical product only in the packaging. It is packaged in a white box without any printing on it, and usually does not have a protective top on the sprayer. If you want to purchase a fragrance for yourself, and you do not need the box, then the tester is an ideal choice. If you want to send the fragrance to someone as a gift, the classic packaging is more appropriate.

About the brand Christian Audigier

One of the most famous tattoo artists in America, Don Ed Hardy was one of the first tattoo artists to incorporate Asian art in his designs.  After studying in Japan in 1973, he founded Hardy Marks Publication in 1981 and published a series of books about tattoo art. 

In 2004, French fashion designer Christian Audigier bought the license to Ed Hardy.  Inspired by Don Ed Hardy tattoos, the unique brand became popular among celebrities like David Beckham, Madonna, Britney Spears, Kanye West, Heidi Klum and others.  Eventually, Ed Hardy perfumes were designed, incorporating wild patterns, colors, and inventive bottles packaged in attractive boxes.

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