Christian Audigier Ed Hardy True Religion Eau De Parfum for women

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Christian Audigier Ed Hardy True Religion is an unbelievably impressive composition of fruit, flowers, spices and wood intended for women. Try the scent that destroys all myths. True Religion gets deep in your senses and takes a long time to leave them again. The excellent floral fruity composition unfurls step by step. First you smell a fresh fruit note with a sparkling portion of spices. Subtle and extraordinarily feminine floral notes open a bit later to merge with the woody base in the end.

Christian Audigier based Ed Hardy True Religion on a combination of contracts apparent both in the notes and in the design of the perfume. The tattoo motives, so typical for Ed Hardy, decorate both the bottle and the box protecting the bottle against damage. Transparent glass shaped like a beautiful flower and a distinctive silver stopper immediately draw your attention. The combination of elegance and modern city style suggests originality, unconventionality and energy. The exquisite fragrance Ed Hardy True Religion possesses similar qualities.

In the beginning, its fresh and joyful notes of sweet mandarin and youthful pear are pervaded by a piquant accord of pepper. This is where very successful harmony of contrasts is apparent. Its floral heart is inhabited by elegant jasmine and subtle orange blossom. Musk and precious wood make the fragrance sensual and seductive, while intoxicating benzoin provides a tinge of romantic times gone by. This perfume by Christian Audigier is suitable for all occasions. It has medium longevity which means you can smell it from your skin up to several hours after its application.

Christian Audigier is a genius and very charismatic being. He tends to be known as “Ed Hardy” but it is not his nickname as somebody might think. It is the brand he founded and named after the father of tattoo art, Don Ed Hardy. His confection always features typical tattoo motives, prints and patterns that are appreciated mainly by the young generation of men and women. Also perfumes by Christian Audigier are youthful, original and all but not ordinary. The range of Ed Hardy perfumes is very successful all around the world and offers many different compositions of notes and accords.

Christian Audigier Ed Hardy True Religion is one of the fragrances from the Ed Hardy line. It bets on a combination of floral elegance and delicate spices. A perfect harmony of contrasts can be also found on its bottle, decorated with a tattoo motive of a rose. Try this extraordinary fragrance that destroys myths in the world of perfumes and you will never regret your choice.

About the brand Christian Audigier

One of the most famous tattoo artists in America, Don Ed Hardy was one of the first tattoo artists to incorporate Asian art in his designs.  After studying in Japan in 1973, he founded Hardy Marks Publication in 1981 and published a series of books about tattoo art. 

In 2004, French fashion designer Christian Audigier bought the license to Ed Hardy.  Inspired by Don Ed Hardy tattoos, the unique brand became popular among celebrities like David Beckham, Madonna, Britney Spears, Kanye West, Heidi Klum and others.  Eventually, Ed Hardy perfumes were designed, incorporating wild patterns, colors, and inventive bottles packaged in attractive boxes.

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