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Description of beauty product Clarins Body Specific Care









for all types of skin


Clarins Body Care is a nourishing feet cream which provides a relief to your tired feet! It restores and protects the skin from the ankle to the heel. This nourishing feet cream will enchant you by its rich texture and pleasant smell. Apply to feel fresh immediately. Suitable also for men. Take care of your feet using this luxury Clarins cream!


  • restores smoothness and softness on dry feet
  • soothes and comforts tired feet
  • greaseless composition
  • absorbs humidity
  • quick to absorb


  • oil from cashew nuts – nourishes and softens
  • shea butter – regenerates and softens
  • arnica – soothes and reduces swellings and the sensation of tired feet
  • myrrh – strengthens and beautifies nails
  • thyme essential oils – cleansing effects
  • Laponite powder – absorbs humidity

Type of complexion:

Suitable for all types of complexion.


Softly massage the product into your skin from the toes to the ankles in the morning or in the evening. If you want to prevent your skin from getting roughened on the heels, it is recommended to use the feet peeling regularly.

About the brand Clarins

Founded by Jacqua Courtin in 1954, Clarins products are known for being biologically tested, using ingredients that come from farms.  The customers’ health has always represented the key focus of Clarins products.  With makeup, anti-aging and body care products, Clarins has always used natural ingredients to nourish women’s skin.

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