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About the brand Clean & Clear







for all types of complexion



Clean & Clear cosmetics | Clean and flawless skin, that’s what has always been a symbol of beauty. However, only a few people have perfect skin they need to take no care of. And for those less lucky ones Clean & Clear came up with products that efficiently resolve skin-related problems.

Clean & Clear is now a part of the portfolio of Johnson & Johnson health care giant. Originally, however, it was launched by Revlon cosmetics in 1957. From the very beginning, it was intended as a line of products for personal hygiene designed for a sensitive and problematic skin. Its name is a symbol of products that are fragrance-free and dye-free and perfectly clean your skin. Its very first product line introduced shampoos, conditioners, and products for treatment of complexion. Its new owner made several changes but didn’t change the primary purpose and mission of the products. The management of Johnson & Johnson decided to assign the Clean & Clear brand to deep treatment of complexion and problems with acne.

In 1876, Robert Wood Johnson was excited by the ideas of surgeon Joseph Lister who was the first to identify bacteria as a source of infections and tried to introduce strict hygienic rules and antiseptic measures. In 1886, he established a small company in New Jersey with 14 employees in what had used to be a wallpaper factory, and one year later the company was officially renamed Johnson & Johnson. Its international growth started in 1923 when Johnson’s sons returned from their journey around the world. Today, Johnson & Johnson is active in 57 countries and is considered the biggest medical company in the world. Dozens of major brands belong to it, and since 1991 one of them is also Clean & Clear purchased from Revlon.

Clean & Clear continues focusing the most on products with efficient composition to clean your skin. Its product portfolio includes several treating lines for deep cleansing, toning, blackheads, mattifying treatments, and brightening. Its treating products remove dirt, greasiness, make-up as well as dead skin cells deep in pores and contain a substance which helps prevent problems with acne. The popular products fighting blackheads are especially developed to remove dirt deep in pores that lead to occurrence of comedones that form unpleasant blackheads. If you have a similar problem, try face lotion or cleansing peeling Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing. Among the most popular products is a mattifying or stimulating face peeling Clean & Clear Morning Energy and also Clean & Clear Deep Cleansing face lotion.

Healthy and clean skin is the basis of beauty and fresh look. If you suffer from some of the common problems such as acne or blackheads, try the products from Clean & Clear line. Tradition, high quality, and a great number of satisfied customers, that’s Clean & Clear. The products by Clean & Clear serve as an efficient and affordable help for all those who would like to have a nice skin.


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