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  • Collistar Special Perfect Body Body Cream For Stretch Marks (Intensive Anti-Stretchmarks Cream) 13.5 ozBody Cream For Stretch Marks 

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    (Intensive Anti-Stretchmarks Cream) 13.5 oz
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for all types of skin


Collistar Speciale Corpo Perfetto special anti-stretchmarks cream is designed for an intensive care of your skin. It's especially during a weight reduction diet or pregnancy when your skin is strained so you should provide it with quality cosmetic products to efficiently prevent the emergence of stretchmarks. It works as a preventive care from the very first use, and thanks to its combination of efficient ingredients it maintains your skin elastic and stimulates the emergence and regeneration of elastin fibers. It can be used also on existing stretchmarks. It works quickly, minimizing the stretchmarks, reducing their size, and removing their coloring. Its complex of efficient elements revitalizes tissue, stimulates the restoration of cells, and accelerates the restoration of skin. This product also nourishes and hydrates your skin.


  • preventive care
  • reduces stretchmarks
  • removes the coloring of stretchmarks
  • nourishes and hydrates skin


  • hyaluronic acid, shea butter - nourish and hydrate skin
  • Elastin-Plus® - a complex of aminoacids and peptides; fights the emergence of stretchmarks 
  • vitamins A, B5, C, E, F - revitalize tissue and help regenerate skin

Type of skin:

Suitable for all types.


Apply to problematic spots in circular motions. Use at least once a day. Continue using one months after giving birth or after a weight reducing diet.

About the brand Collistar

Leaving the Italian pharmaceutical corporation in 1982, Collistar is the result of the most advanced dermato-cosmetics exploration on the market. 

Incorporating proper testing and innovations, Collistar is now sold in more than 40 countries and is one of the leading cosmetic companies to produce skin care, body care, makeup, hair care, anti-cellulite and sun care products. 

Collistar was the first company on the market to introduce skin serum capsules and skin care products designed for people over the age of 70.  Revolutionary Collistar products are available in perfumeries, pharmacies and on

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