Collistar Special Hyper-Sensitive Skins Day And Night Anti - Wrinkle Cream For Sensitive Skin

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Description of beauty product Collistar Special Hyper-Sensitive Skins






for all age groups

According to skin problems

Sensitive and allergic skin, Wrinkles and Lines






Collistar Speciale Pelli Ipersensibili anti-wrinkle repairing treatment is designed for very sensitive skin. Sensitive, fine, and fragile skin ages much quicker than other skin types so it needs much more protection and preventive care. In case of sensitive women, classic anti-wrinkle creams may cause allergic reactions which is why Collistar designed a collection for your sensitive skin. It's free of perfume, coloring agents, alcohol, soap, chemical emulsifiers, and other frequent allergens. It creates a protective barrier on your skin while maintaining its natural balance. This exclusive formula makes your skin firm, compact, and elastic, and it also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. It fights wrinkles by minimizing and reducing them. Soon you'll find your skin younger and more vital.

  • no irritation for your skin
  • protects skin from the influence of the environment
  • reduces wrinkles
  • prevents the emergence of wrinkles
  • maintains skin elastic


  • vitamin E - nourishes and protects skin
  • ferulic acid - strong antioxidizing properties

Type of skin:

Suitable for very sensitive and fine skin.


Apply to skin every morning and evening after washing it.

About the brand Collistar

Leaving the Italian pharmaceutical corporation in 1982, Collistar is the result of the most advanced dermato-cosmetics exploration on the market. 

Incorporating proper testing and innovations, Collistar is now sold in more than 40 countries and is one of the leading cosmetic companies to produce skin care, body care, makeup, hair care, anti-cellulite and sun care products. 

Collistar was the first company on the market to introduce skin serum capsules and skin care products designed for people over the age of 70.  Revolutionary Collistar products are available in perfumeries, pharmacies and on

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