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Cuba Brazil is a seductive, aromatic men's fragrance you'll perfectly enjoy every day. Brazil perfume reminds of the aroma of exotica and Brazilian nature. Cuba Brazil helps you relax and puts you in a good mood.

Cuba Brazil consists of spicy, woody, and floral essences that together form an unmistakable aroma. You'll immediately fall for this exciting mixture of colorful aromas! And not only you, as Brazil will please those around you who'll fall in love with it, too. Cuba Brazil is an exclusive perfume you can wear to a business meeting as well as evening spent with friends.

The perfumes by Cuba are very specific and have their own natural charisma. All the fragrances come in innovative cigar-shaped flacons.

About the brand Cuba

Cuba combines high-quality and friendly-priced perfumes for men and women.  Cuba perfumes have always been in accordance with the hottest trends and have been presented in breathtaking bottles under inspiring names.

Cuba perfume producers never miss an event within the world of fragrance; they attend perfume exhibitions in Paris, Bologne, Sao Paulo and Moscow. 

Cuba perfumes always show up in originally decorated bottles, resembling famous Cuban cigars.  Melodious fragrance names such as Cuba Carnaval, Cuba Mexico Maya and Cuba City Hollywood, indicate that the perfumes are perfect for those who value originality.  Cuba for men contains pleasant compositions, varying from fresh to Oriental, with notes of tobacco.  Women’s fragrances contain romantic, floral notes, with fresh, citrus scents.  Cuba perfumes truly awaken the senses!


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