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  • Curaprox 1560 Soft Toothbrushes 3 pieces Dark Blue & Turquoise & Lila (Soft Toothbrush)Toothbrushes 3 pieces 

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Description of beauty product Curaprox 1560 Soft






Curaprox 1560 Soft is designed for all those who prefer slightly softer toothbrushes. If your current toothbrush is too firm for you, don't hesitate and try 1560 Soft with much softer filaments. This package contains three toothbrushes all the members of your family may use.

Curaprox uses very soft filaments in a very thick layout whose flexibility remains the same no matter if wet or dry. Its small head reaches places even very hard to reach. With this toothbrush you no longer have to worry about minor uneven parts of your teeth or gums, as Curaprox very efficiently treats them, too.


  • easy to handle
  • good wear resistance of filaments
  • flexible neck to choose the best angle for brushing

About the brand Curaprox

Swixx Curaprox dental care brings new, innovative solutions for oral health. The uniqueness lies in specially designed dental hygiene products which were crafted with expert knowledge to ensure quality and effectiveness.

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