Daddy Yankee DYAmante Eau De Parfum for women

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Description of perfume Daddy Yankee DYAmante



Overall impression


Perfume bottle


Top notes

Tropical Fruit, Passion Flower

Middle notes

Jasmine, Honey Suckle

Base notes

Sandalwood, Amber, Vanilla

The eau de parfum for women Daddy Yankee DYAmante is full of tropical temptation and lover's love. A fruity composition of sweetish notes, which will play with your olfactory senses. A hot summer fragrance that will show you the right way in your pursuit of the love of your dreams.

Daddy Yankee DYAmante is an eau de parfum which lets you enjoy a vanilla and amber adventure. Jasmine and sandalwood will be your essential witnesses. Find yourself at faraway exotic places that are full of delight, determination and relaxation. Enjoy your love to the maximum.

Daddy Yankee DYAmante symbolizes exclusivity and luxury. The aromatic composition and the black bottle decorated with sparkling stones convince you of it. Step forth to meet elegance and gain the strength of the white floral serum that will perfectly suit you.

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