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Christian Dior Eau Sauvage Parfum is an amazing new fragrance for men launched in 2012. Eau Sauvage Parfum is an interesting, woody-oriental fragrance, inspired by the legendary Eau Sauvage from 1966. This excellent fragrance was created by brilliand perfume master Francois Demachy. This uncommon fragrance is suitable for any weather and it can be worn during the day and night or at any occasion in your life. Try this proven classic perfume with the new face-lift and experience the brilliance of famous Dior!

Its new image is complemented by the innovative look of its flacon. Eau Sauvage Parfum boasts attractive design on which light and shadow alternate. Its massive cap with leather motifs looks luxurious and elegant just like the perfume as such. If you're looking for a perfect gift for your chosen one, a perfume by Dior is an excellent choice. Eau Sauvage Parfum is the right thing for men of any age group or life philosophy.

This perfume by Dior is very elegant. It's dominated by woody, citrus, and aromatic tones that stand out in a light smoky tinge. It opens with chords of fresh and distinctive bergamot. Once the citrus note fades away, its oriental myrrh fully develops and provides the perfume with a tinge of mysteriousness thanks to its sweetish and exotic aroma. Towards the end of the composition you can smell woody tones of vetiver that excellently complement the overall concept. This eau de parfum by Dior has very long-lasting effets and you can smell it on your skin several days after the application and from your clothes even for several weeks.

Christian Dior, this brand of French timeless quality and luxury, produces its perfumes always stylish, full of intoxicating tones of flowers, spices, wood, and charm. You can select from a huge range of products offered on our website always for the lowest price on the market. Only those who have tried products by Christian Dior have truly enjoyed their life!

Who wouldn't want a fragrance proven by thousands of men all over the world, this time in a new and modern design? Those who love luxury and quality will appreciate Eau Sauvage Parfum, an improved version of its predecessor from the previous century, which is still considered just legendary.

About the brand Dior

Dior perfumes - everlasting symbol of elegance, perfection and luxury. Dior, one of the most exclusive French luxurious brands, was founded in 1946 by Christian Dior, a worldwide famous designer. The Dior portfolio includes top quality clothes, leatherware, fashion accessories, shoes, jewelry, watches, perfumes and cosmetics. Christian Dior came with a revolution in fashion creating his legendary 'New Look' and since then his business was spread to more than 15 countries of the world. Dior is a synonym for classic elegance expressing womanity and beauty. Dior revealed his first perfume in 1947 – Miss Dior, named after his sister Catherine. This popular cypress-floral fragrance caused another revolution, now in the world of fragrance. Up to now the brand has produced more than 150 perfumes. Many of them are the result of collaborations with most famous designers. Christian Dior Poison has become the most popular fragrance serie with its dazzling, mysterious mixture of spicy, fruity and wooden notes. Fahrenheit is a favorite fragrance serie for men. Fahrenheit Dior for men, the first perfume in this serie came in 1988, combined with wooden-floral-musky notes. The most recent, Fahrenheit Le Parfum Dior for men (2014) is the most intense variation characterized as a harmony of contrasts. Christian Dior's intention to make women both prettier and also happier is reflected in his beauty products. The products are twice more effective than any other. The active substances absorb deeply into skin and reach brilliant and long lasting effects. You can rely on top quality, great results and the feeling of luxury with any of Dior products – face creams, masks, sera, cleansers or nourishing, forming, firming body care. Dior beauty care is unique in their etno-botanic attitude. The specialists have been choosing plants of rare cosmetic qualities, cultivating them and getting organic ingredients with extraordinary cosmetic potential. Dior uses its own original, demanding and precise manual technology and cooperates with top scientists who follow the best scientific progress. All these efforts aim at fulfilling the brand's philosophy: to provide skin with beauty and youth with the most permanent effects and thus make women prettier for today and to the future.Dior makeup offers a wide range of top quality products for perfect makeup. They are designed by most professional makeup artists and are remarkable for their long lasting quality. Dior brand has enriched the world with most luxurious, trend-setting, modern products and has become one of the most respected brands ever. " I create so that each and every woman is the most beautiful."

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