Dr. Hauschka Facial Care Revitalising Day Cream For Dry Skin

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Description of beauty product Dr. Hauschka Facial Care






for all age groups

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Dr. Hauschka Revitalising Day Cream refreshes and revives tired skin and restores its bright and luminous appearance. The creams helps stimulate blood circulation, balances the stability of the skin and supports the activity of its natural functions. It moisturises, tones and effectively regenerates the skin.

Dr. Hauschka Revitalising Day Cream activates the skin's natural moisturising process, stabilizes the moisture content of the skin and regulates oil production. Its light texture quickly absorbs into the skin without leaving any greasy or sticky residue.


• protects the skin from environmental aggressions

• regulates the oil content of the skin

• balances the skin's moisture level

• stimulates the skin's moisturising process


• Anthyllis Vulneraria (also known as woundwort or kidney vetch) – antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties

• alcohol – tones and refreshes the skin

• almond oil – regenerates the skin

• witch hazel – antioxidant properties

• peanut oil – intensely moisturises the skin

• St. John's wort – regenerates and softens the skin, restores its suppleness

Skin type:

Ideal for dry, tired and pale men's skin with a tendency to form wrinkles.

How to use:

Apply to cleansed skin and gently press into your face, neck and earlobes.

About the brand Dr. Hauschka

The Dr. Hauschka brand was introduced to the market by the WALA company in 1967. WALA was founded by Rudolf Hauschka who originally focused on homeopathy. Later he started producing beauty products. His holistic attitude does not distinguish types of skin but considers skin dryness, sensitivity etc. temporary issues which reflect the state of organism itself. All Dr. Hauschka products contain herbal extracts from plants growing in the so called biodynamic WALA gardens. All processes are done in hand and very carefully. The Dr. Hauschka essences got a BDIH certificate, are no way tested on animals and do not contain any synthetics or colorants. Moreover, they can stimulate some skin processes and respect its biorytm. Dr. Hauschka cosmetic products are used by such celebrities as Madonna, Julie Roberts etc. WALA company supports a couple of eco agriculture projects. One of their speciality is buying oils from Afgan rose and bamboo butter crushed by traditional ways in Burkina Faso villages in West Africa. Apart from homeopathics and Dr. Hauschka products, WALA also offers dental care products – e.g. WalaVita toothpaste. Dr. Hauschka is a brand which attracts not only those who are interested in Rudolf Hauschka philosophy and anthroposophy, but all those who look for quality organic beauty care for friendly prices or just want to try out the effects of biodynamic agriculture.

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