Ducray Neoptide Cure To Treat Losing Hair

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Description of beauty product Ducray Neoptide









Hair loss


Each type of hair loss is caused by something else and thus requires an individual solution. Ducray Neoptide lotion is an ideal product fighting chronic hair loss (i.e. longer than 6 months) in women. Neoptide stimulating lotion supports hair growth. Its combination of vitamins, natural extracts, and tetrapeptide works directly on hair papillae, supports cell division, and prolongs the growth phase of hair. Non-greasy and non-sticky. No-rinse product. The package contains 3 flacons with sprayers to last 3 months when applied as recommended.


  • stimulates hair growth


  • extract from Ruscus
  • niacinamide
  • tetrapeptide
  • mint oil

Type of skin:

Skin with a chronic hair loss.


Once a day apply in 12 sprays evenly on your scalp and then comb and massage uwell sing your fingers. Do not rinse. Use at least for 3 months. In order to prepare your scalp ideally, it's recommended to use stimulating Ducray Anaphase shampoo or Anacaps food supplement.

About the brand Ducray

Ducray cosmetics was founded in the 30s by the son of Albert Ducray, a dermatologist. The launch of the first fluid shampoo meant a complete revolution in hair washing, turning the Ducray brand into a very popular. It provides immediate rescue to all types of hair and resolves all sorts of hair issues, including hair loss.Ducray has produced a range of hair care products which treat different hair problems - dandruff, oily or dry hair. The Ducray skin care series include Kerancyl problematic skin care, and Ictyane products for dehydrated skin. The products are famous for their soft consistence and delicate light floral scent. Besides this, Ducray offers sensitive skin products which are scentless. The brand assortment also includes products for men. Especially their  after shaving care products which are very popular since it calms any skin irritation. If you suffer from hyperpigmentation, the Ducray Melascreen series is based on the combination of  50+ UV sun protection and special molecules which can block the extreme pigmentation. Try out any of the Ducray products and achieve results of high quality and maximal efficiency.

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