Elmex Cosmetics | Elmex – for healthy, strong teeth. Elmex, teeth care brand, produced by Swiss GABA International AG  since 1962, provides best quality teeth care products. Elmex toothpaste was the first one containing aminfluorid (AmF), remineralizing tooth enamel and increasing its protection from acids. High quality Elmex products with scientifically proved effects have been developed in cooperation with teeth care specialists.

Individual Elmex products complement each other, and thus offer a complex solution for the health of your teeth and mouth. Elmex mouth-washes and sprays, tooth-brushes, dental floss and tootpastes provide perfect hygiene and health to your teeth and mouth. It ensures cavity protection, treats sensitive teeth, supports teeth beauty and whiteness, strenghtens tooth enamel, and thus help us keep pearly bright smile from childhood to higher age. Elmex brand is a choice for those who require proved quality for their teeth and mouth.

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