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Description of perfume Escada Island Kiss 2011


Perfume bottle

Overall impression




Top notes

Orange, Nectarine, Passion Flower

Middle notes

Magnolia, Peach

Base notes

Wood, Musk

Escada Island Kiss (2011) is a rather sweet fruity and woody fragrance for women. The exotic notes of Island Kiss (2011) are inspired by the beautiful landscape of the Caribbean islands. Endlessly long sandy beaches, reclining palm trees and crystal-clear water. Gently whispering breeze, singing of sea birds and the sound of the ocean. This is the unique fragrance by Escada that was created for all women who love exotic countries, constant sunshine and carefree moments of rest and relaxation.

Another successful summer edition by Escada, Island Kiss (2011), comes in an impressive elegantly-shaped glass bottle. Decorated with a metal stopper and a cute pendant, it has a blue colour of the ocean. Imprinted on the box protecting the flacon from damage, there is a motive of a woman's silhouette in bikini, walking on an endlessly long beach.

You will feel a sparkling power of exotic fruit among the first notes of this fascinating fragrance by Escada. Juicy orange, sweet mango and ripe passion fruit will soothe your senses that will tune to the wave of summer fun in the wink of an eye. Elegant magnolia and ripe peach are hidden in the heart of the perfume. Their rich accords will make you feel unbelievably feminine and attractive. Seductive wood and sensual musk are just the right ending. You will smell a delicate tinge of exotics on you many hours after application.

The popular brand of perfumes Escada is well-known for its limited summer editions full of sweet fruit and lovely flowers from all around the world. But that is not all there is to Escada perfumes. This brand also offers rich spicy notes and fresh aquatic essences that always come in a beautiful packaging. Escada perfumes are loved by men and women from all corners of the world because they are a luxurious and high-quality complement to your personality at favourable prices.

Discover the beauty of the most popular exotic destination, the Carribean. Enjoy endless white beaches, fresh sea air and the sparkling ocean. You will experience moments of joy, relaxation and fun that belong to a an excellent summer with Island Kiss (2011) by Escada.

About the brand Escada

Escada is a magical word in the world of fashion and fragrance because of its unbeatable quality in sportswear, handbags, shoes, women’s clothing, glasses, accessories, and perfume. The first Escada perfume was introduced in 1990, followed by an existing tradition of seasonal perfumes which represent a luxurious balance of floral and fruity notes.  Classical Escada fragrances include Moon Sparkle, Desire Me, Sunset Heat and Into the Blue.  Among the new Escada perfumes are Magnetism and Especially.

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