Escada Sexy Graffiti 2011 Eau De Toilette for women

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Description of perfume Escada Sexy Graffiti 2011



Perfume bottle

Overall impression



Top notes

Raspberry, Grapefruit, Strawberry

Middle notes

Violet, Peony, Lily Of The Valley

Base notes

Cashmere Wood, Vanilla

Sexy Graffiti (2011) by Escada is a spectacular fruity floral fragrance for women. It is a rather sweet composition suitable for having fun in the summer Sexy Graffiti (2011) is perfect to wear whenever you want to feel sexy, sensual and full of life. Imagine a warm summer day on the beach. The sun is slowly going behind the horizon and the air smells of a promise of something new and exciting. Your tanned skin demands a touch of sweet fruit, beautiful flowers and seductive wood.

You are going out to paint the town red, dressed in rhythmic notes of Sexy Graffity (2011). The town warmed by the sun is pulsing with life and offers original entertainment and distraction. You feel like a goddess and people around you feel it the same way. You get back home early in the morning with wonderful experiences, still accompanied by the pleasant fragrance by Escada.

Sexy Graffiti (2011) comes in a graceful glass bottle decorated with a metal cap and a cocktail glass-shaped pendant. This suggests that this perfume is ideal for night life. A pink box protecting the perfume from damage represents a story of a highly desired and admired diva. It is you, dressed in a flavour of sweet raspberries, wild strawberries and grapefruit. Elegant peony, tender lily of the valley and gentle violet slowly come into flower on your skin. You spread positive energy around you, charged with sensual sparkling and the scent of delicious vanilla and seductive cashmere wood.

A popular brand of perfumes Escada is well-known for its limited summer editions full of sweet fruit and lovely flowers from all around the world. But that is not all there is to Escada perfumes. This brand also offers full-bodied spicy notes and fresh water essences that always come in a beautiful bottle. Escada perfumes are loved by men and women from all corners of the world because they are a luxurious and high-quality complement to your personality at favourable prices.

If you liked the story of a seductive goddess at whose feet lies the whole town, get Escada Sexy Graffity (2011) for your collection. In a few days, you can walk on high heels, dressed into an eroticizing fragrance and in a perfect mood for a night out!

About the brand Escada

Escada is a magical word in the world of fashion and fragrance because of its unbeatable quality in sportswear, handbags, shoes, women’s clothing, glasses, accessories, and perfume. The first Escada perfume was introduced in 1990, followed by an existing tradition of seasonal perfumes which represent a luxurious balance of floral and fruity notes.  Classical Escada fragrances include Moon Sparkle, Desire Me, Sunset Heat and Into the Blue.  Among the new Escada perfumes are Magnetism and Especially.

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