Eucerin DermoCapillaire Shampoo To Treat Dry Dandruff

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  • Eucerin DermoCapillaire Shampoo To Treat Dry Dandruff (Anti-Dandruff Shampoo) 8.5 ozShampoo To Treat Dry Dandruff 

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Description of beauty product Eucerin DermoCapillaire







Dandruff hair


Eucerin DermoCapillaire efiiciently washes out flaky dandruff that keeps falling on your shoulders. It substantially improves the condition of the skin on your head and restores its optimal balance. It reduces the loss of humidity in your skin.

Its fine composition does not irritate your skin or cause allergies. Clinically tested and approved. Free of parabens, artificial dyes, perfuming or alcohol. Also, it is free of silicons or alcalic soap elements. Not tested on animals.

Removes the sensation of itching after the very first use. Prevents further occurrence of dandruff and helps your hair restore its healthy shine and flexibility.

The white, dry dandruff is formed by white flakes that peel off the skin of your head; they are visible and fall from your hair. Use Eucerin DermoCapillaire and say goodbye to the sensation of itching and unpleasant flakes.


About the brand Eucerin

Eucerin belongs to the world famous Beiserdorf AG, which is currently located in Germany.  The brand’s history is very exciting, thanks to Dr. Isaac Lifschuzt, who in 1900, helped create a universal cream named after the exotic Greek name, Eucerin.  After his famous discovery, a massive sale of Eucerin cream began selling in 1911.  Eucerin products undergo strict dermatologist-testing which results in softening creams and balms that help freshen the skin.  The products are most suitable for weak and damaged skin.

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