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    48 h (Cotton Fresh) 5.0 oz
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for all types of skin


Garnier Mineral 5 Protection Anti-Perspirant Spray protects you from sweat for up to 48 hours! Mineral 5 Protection is enriched with mineralite, an ultra-absorbent mineral of volcanic origin which constantly absorbs sweat. Its efficient formula protects you from sweat, odour, dampness and irritation for the whole time.

It doesn't leave white marks and yellow stains on clothes. The quick-to-dry texture of Garnier Mineral 5 Protection is rapidly absorbed into the skin and allows you to put on your clothes immediately. Alcohol-free and paraben-free. Dermatologically tested.


• up to 48-hour antiperspirant protection!

• eliminates unpleasant odours

• does not irritate the skin

• doesn't leave white marks and yellow stains on clothes

• feels fresh

• lets the skin breathe


• Mineralite – a natural mineral of volcanic origin, continuously absorbs perspiration

Skin type:

Perfect for all skin types.

How to use:

Hold the can 6 inches from your underarm and spray evenly. Use as often as needed.

About the brand Garnier

Garnier was established in 1904 as one of the first brands to produce shampoos and hair color.  It was when they started collaborating with L’Oreal that Garnier was able to improve their production of hair care.  In the 90s, the first collection of hair treatment was introduced to the market.  Garnier products use natural ingredients and abide by the motto “Take care of yourself” to prove that with a little effort, every woman can achieve beauty.

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