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  • Goldwell StyleSign Curl Waxy Hair Gel (Crystal Turn Curl Gel Wax) 3.4 ozWaxy Hair Gel 

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    (Crystal Turn Curl Gel Wax) 3.4 oz
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hair wax

Goldwell StyleSign Curl is a unique wax gel to easily and quickly fixate your wavy hair! It provides your hair with a long-lasting fixation and dazzling shine. It also protects hair from moisture for up to 24 hours. This flexible wax gel is ideal for flexibly style your wavy hair. It protects its color from fading. Get charming waves and draw attention of those around you! Try our first-class Goldwell StyleSign Curl wax gel!


level of fixation 2 – light fixation
perfectly fixates your wavy hair
provides hair with flexibility
protects hair from moisture for up to 24 hours
intensifies the shine of hair
protects the color of hair
Type of hair:
Suitable for wavy hair.

Apply the wax gel on dry hair or hair dried with a towel. Apply softly with your fingers and create the required style.

About the brand Goldwell

Goldwell Cosmetics is a hair care brand introduced by a young promising businessman called Hansen Erich Dotter. Goldwell Cosmetics hair care products have gone through professional development since its founder presented his first product with a noble name Goldwell Ideal in 1927. Most gentle hair care products go through several decades of development. With the help of modern expensive devices, new models have been added to the existing product series. The revolutionary Goldwell hair mousse achieved great success in 1976. Since that time, the company has been holding  its leading position.

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