Gres Cabotine Gold Eau De Toilette for women

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Description of perfume Gres Cabotine Gold



Perfume bottle

Overall impression



Top notes

Pepper, Melon, Tangerine

Middle notes

Tiaré Blossom, Jasmine, Peony

Base notes

Patchouli, Vetiver, Amber

Gres Cabotine Gold is a new, pleasantly sweet, fruity floral fragrance for women, which was launched in 2010. A refreshing cocktail of female elegance, self-confidence and grace is available at quite a low price. Try the excellent perfume Cabotine Gold, which is perfect for warm spring or summer weather. Discover the unbridled power of nature in its most beautiful form – a wonderful fragrance. The famous brand Gres is waiting for you on our website with its products for unbeatable prices!

Just like the fragrance itself, also the design of Cabotine Gold is impossible to overlook. Its round glass bottle made of transparent glass is decorated with golden glints and a massive, unusually-shaped stopper. The shiny golden box protecting the bottle from damage reflects the fame and sparkle of the popular brand Gres. You will be gentle, fresh, distinctively feminine and beautiful only with the renowned composition Cabotine Gold.

Intoxicating notes of fresh and sweet mandarin are having a delightful bath in a sweet watermelon nectar. Sparkling pink pepper adds lust for life to their undisturbed harmony. An exotic flavour of lovely jasmine stands next to an enchanting aroma of tiaré flower in an elegant embrace of white peony's feminine beauty. A sensual blend of unusual vetiver, creamy amber and intensive patchouli is present in the dry down. This eau de toilette by Gres has quite good staying power. You can smell it on your skin many hours after the application.

The icon of the last century, Gres, dressed such stars as Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich and other. Gres focused primarily on haute couture, i.e. the most luxurious fashion of all times, and produced equally luxurious fragrances to match the models. The former icon of prestigious clothes is not that successful any more but it still produces interesting perfumes. Collections for men and women and always original, unusual and need time. Those who admire Gres perfumes know that if you try this top-notch fragrance brand, you will never abandon it.

Gres Cabotine is designed for sophisticated women with their own opinion who don't need to hide behind a thick layer of make-up and unnecessarily distinctive accessories. They take advantage of their charisma, natural charm and a delicate, sweet and fresh fragrance. This unique perfume by Gres is perfect for this purpose.

About the brand Gres

The Gres brand was founded by Germaine Emilie Krebs, born in Paris Franch 1903. She started making designs for hats and opened her first fashion store – Alex Couture  in 1932. Madame Gres viewed women clothes as pieces of art and fitted fabrics right on models' bodies. Gres soon became renowned for elegant womenswear. She started designing clothes for celebrities – Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich, Dolores del Río, Lady Deterling and many others. She started working under the Gres brand name in 1942. The first perfume was called Cabochard, introduced in 1958. In 1984 Gres sold her fragrance business. From 2007 the licence to produce Gres perfumes is in the hands of Art & Fragrance company.

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