Histoires De Parfums 1725 Eau De Parfum for men

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Description of perfume Histoires De Parfums 1725




Overall impression

Perfume bottle


Top notes

Bergamot, Licorice, Citrus Fruit, Grapefruit

Middle notes

Lavender, Anise

Base notes

Cedar, Almonds, Sandalwood, Amber, Vanilla

1725 is an aromatic fougere fragrance for men by French producer of niche perfumes Histoires De Parfums. This brand boasts a traditional French perfume-making know-how, focusing on luxury, noble character, and creativity. The line of perfumes created by renowned perfume designer Gerald Ghislain brings to life stories of famous people, materials or symbolic years the way books are written by emotions. Elegant, sensual, romantic, and seductive, 1725 eau de parfum is inspired by the story of famous writer and seducer Giacomo Casanova from Venice.

The first edition of amazing collection Histoires De Parfums is inspired by famous people who strongly influenced their generations, and the perfumes are marked by the year of their birth. In 1725, Giacomo Girolamo Casanova, future priest, writer, spy, and diplomat who became famous mainly as an adventurer and whose name has become a synonym for a seducer, was born in Venice. 1725 eau de parfum inspired by him is perfectly suitable for every seducer and brings an aroma inviting to intensive delights.

"What is it we call love? An illness a man is prone to, no matter his age," as Casanova himself put it. Histoires De Parfums 1725 eau de parfum is a combination of amber and fern together with woody tones with touches of lemon freshness, warm spiciness, and uplifting elegance of lavender to perfectly embody the personality of this versatile man and mainly passionate seducer. The aromatic composition of 1725 opens with chords of licorice, bergamot, grapefruit, and other citruses. Its heart is full of lavender and star anise, while its base consists of tones of vanilla, almond, sandal and cedar wood and amber. In general, this aroma in an exciting way combines spicy, sweet, and aroamtic tones with a romantic, floral touch. 1725 eau de parfum is as seductive and romantic, sensual and elegant as the unforgettable Giacomo Casanova.

Just like all the fragrances by Histoires De Parfums, 1725 eau de parfum was created under the strictest quality standards and shows the same level of temperament as its creator, hedonistic fan of perfumes Gérald Ghislain. Histoires De Parfums 1725 will be appreciated mainly by women and men who like very seductive, aromatic fougere fragrances, mainly those with spicy, floral, citrusy, and woody tones. Also, everybody who appreciates true quality and a high level of inspiration should try it.

Histoires De Parfums 1725 is suitable for any occasion during the day or in the evening all year long.  However, it best develops at special romantic occasions. It always surrounds you with an attractive, elegant aroma and underlines your manly seductiveness. The incredibly high quality standards of Histoires De Parfums apply also to their packages so besides its aroma 1725 eau de parfum will please you by its fine design flacon completed by an elegant, simple white box, too. Try this eau de parfum by the luxurious brand which observes only one rule - inspiration - and fall in love with the fragrance celebrating creativity, passion, and going your own way.

Histoires De Parfums 1725 - a sensual, elegant, and romantic fragrance for every Casanova, inspired by quite likely the most famous seducer ever.

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