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Huitieme Art perfumes | Huitieme Art – the aroma of the eighth art. Huitieme Art is a collection of perfumes based on new biotechnological ingredients created by French independent family brand Parfumerie Générale. This collection is inspired by the idea of a famous perfume historian and reviewer Octavian Coifan who considers the perfume-making the eighth art.

Octavian Coifan came up with an idea to integrate the production of perfumes into the classic system of fine arts. The perfume-making would thus be the eighth art, next to five ancient arts (painting, sculpting, architecture, music, and poetry) and dance and film, as classified by Italian film theoretician, scientist, and esthetician Riciotto Canudo.

This is why the collection of the perfumes created at the occasion of the eighth anniversary of founding of this brand was named Huitieme Art, i.e. the eighth art. This name suggests the aim of Pierre Guillaume, the founder and creator of the collection, to create absolutely unique and characteristic perfumes in a truly artistic and creative way.

One of the most talented perfume designers today, Pierre Guillaume was born in 1977 in French region Auvergne. Fascinated by the possibilities of artistic expression through graceful chemistry, he decided to enrich the perfume-making discipline with absolutely new ingredients by combining chemistry and botanic research. So far, Pierre has created several dozens of unique perfumes in complete creative and financial freedom under his three own brands: PARFUMERIE GENERALE, HUITIEME ART PARFUMS, and PHAEDON PARIS.

The work on the Huitieme Art collection began under the first of these brands in 2010. Each of its perfumes contains new biotechnologically created ingredients that together with synthetic perfume molecules form a unique synergy of natural and synthetic chords. All the fragrances are in the Eau de Parfum concentration – which is eau de parfum – with fifteen to twenty percent concentration of fragrant oils.

The flacons of the Huitieme Art perfumes, called Cyclops for their apparent inspiration by mythic one-eyed giants, are as original as the fragrances themselves. They are kind of futuristic, ceramic-looking totems in matte black. The collection consists of eleven luxury perfumes, all of them created by Pierre Guillaume.

Huitieme Art – perfumes created from innovative ingredients, the true eighth art.

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