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  • Joico Style and Finish Hair Styling Gel Extra Strong Hold (Power Gel) 8.5 ozHair Styling Gel Extra Strong Hold 

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Joico Style and Finish fast drying gel with extra strong hold keeps your hairstyle in a perfect shape for up to 24 hours! Style and Finish gel is alcohol-free, adds flexibility to hair and creates a dramatic shiny effect. Prevents frizz and does not leave undesirable residues in hair. Protects colour against fading and prevents damage caused by heat. Sculpt your hairstyle exactly as you wish! Use Joico Style and Finish gel for extra strong hold!


• extra strong hold

• fixes hairstyle for 24 hours

• shiny effect

• prevents frizz

• protects hair against damage cause by heat

• prevents colour from fading

• does not flake

• does not weigh hair down

Hair type:

Ideal for all hair types.

How to use:

Apply small amount of gel to dry hair with your hands and style as desired.

About the brand Joico

Joico International was founded by American, Steve Stefano, in the 1970s.  Stefano owned a successful beauty network in southern California. The contemporary vice president of Joico International, Sara Jones began her career as a hair stylist, soon becoming one of the best in the business by perfectly knowing the needs of her customers.  Her motto was: all for the love of beauty---in every home and salon.  Joico was the first to start adding HHKP (human hair keratin protein) into hair products as she realized its miraculous effects in 1976.  A couple of years later she developed her own Triamin complex (Cationic Triamine Complex) which reconstructs hair from the root to the end. 

Nowadays, Joico is a part of the Shiseido Group and has produced several innovative series with quality ingredients like African bamboo butter and Asian orchid oil.  Among some of the brand’s most unique products are the regeneration masks and quick dry sprays.  Joico was “acting” in The Hunger Games and many celebrities (Mila Kunis, Lindsey Lohan, Britney Spears) and professional stylists noticed. 

No matter whether your hair suffers from tiredness, color-damage, dryness or hair loss, Joico can revive and strengthen it by restoring elasticity and gloss, and moreover, supporting growth.  Joico is an ideal brand for those who desire beautifully healthy hair, like to experiment, and enjoy the long-lasting effects of quality products.


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