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Labdanum, Tonka Bean, Civet, Vanilla

Calamity J. is an original amber fragrance for women, designed by independent Italian producer of niche perfumes Juliette Has a Gun, which is a project of Roman Ricci, a grandson of famous Nina Ricci. This line of perfumes is inspired by possibly the most famous Shakespear's tragedy, only Roman Ricci's Juliet went quite wild. This modern Juliet carries a gun (the gun being a symbol of emancipation of women and a metaphor for a perfume) but is as romantic as before.

Just like all the perfumes by this brand, Juliette Has a Gun Calamity J. eau de parfum was created according to a philosophy which considers perfume-making an art, and within this line it's rather exceptional. As its creators declare, it's a manly fragrance dedicated exclusively to women. Its name plays with a reference to legendary border guard and professional spy Calamity Jane, while "J." may also refer to Juliette, indicating that Juliette Has a Gun Calamity J. is designed mainly for strong women and reflects their significant role in the society. Smart and sophisticated, sensual and warm Calamity J. eau de parfum is hard to miss, unforgettable, and unmistakable.

The very innovative and original aromatic composition of Juliette Has a Gun Calamity J. opens in its head with a chord of cinnamon, while its heart is full of the aroma of iris accompanied by Iso E Super substance (an aromatic molecule with a fine woody aroma and unique characteristics providing the perfume with depth and making a velvet-like impression). Its base consists of tones of vanilla, tonka beans, labdanum, patchouli, amber, musk, unique castoreum, civeton (a synthetic aromatic molecule, for ethical reasons replacing the secretion from glands of very interesting small predators civets) and cetalox (a synthetic aromatic molecule with an amber effect).

The overal aroma of Juliette Has a Gun Calamity J. combines amber, musk, powdery and warm, spicy elements with an attractive, darkish touch of patchouli, it's incredibly sensual, uniquely stylish, and also develops in an interesting way. Its initial fine woodiness transforms to graduating sensuality so that the aroma fully develops only upon touching skin. Calamity J. eau de parfum is different, unique, and incomparable with nothing else.

Juliette Has a Gun Calamity J. is suitable for day and night use all year long. However, its warm part best develops in coldish months. It will be appreciated mainly by women who like fragrances innovatively combining musk and amber elements with powdery and warm, spicy ones. Also, every lady who appreciates true quality and a high level of innovativeness should try it.

Juliette Has a Gun Calamity J. draws attention also by its attractive package. An elegant, dark oval flacon complemented by a luxury, perfectly matching box embellished with a ribbon. Try this perfume from the line inspired by the most famous of Shakespear's tragedies in a modern interpretation and fall in love with its aroma full of sensuality, warmth, and smart elegance. Thanks to its top quality and uniqueness, Calamity J. eau de parfum is also a perfect gift for any exceptional woman.

Juliette Has a Gun Calamity J. – an original amber fragrance with a manly characteristic aspect, dedicated exclusively to women.

What is a tester? Testers are commonly used in traditional perfumeries, enabling customers to test the perfume smell. Because the tester is not for sale to the customers, its design is not as colorful or distinctive. Tester differs from a classical product only in the packaging. It is packaged in a white box without any printing on it, and usually does not have a protective top on the sprayer. If you want to purchase a fragrance for yourself, and you do not need the box, then the tester is an ideal choice. If you want to send the fragrance to someone as a gift, the classic packaging is more appropriate.

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