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  • La-Tweez Professional Tools Eyelash Curler Eyelash Curler 

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Every sexy woman just has to have eyelash tweezers. La-Tweez Professional Tools are exceptional, as they are pleasant to hold and create beautiful eyelashes on the very first use. If you don't want to lose time searching for new tweezers in a few month's time, then go for the quality. La-Tweez are the best metal curling iron thanks to their robust design. Easy to open and squeeze, no struggling. A smooth and quick way to create beautiful waves. Add two triumphal archs to your excellent look.


  • shape up eyelashes
  • highlight the naturally rounded look of eyelashes
  • significantly improve the general look


  • tweezers – quality and robust metal design
  • cushioned part – gently protects eyelashes against breaking

Type of eyelashes:

Suitable for all types, mainly for straight and dull eyelashes.


Curl the eyelashes prior to applying a mascara.

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