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Description of perfume Lacoste Love of Pink



Overall impression

Perfume bottle



Top notes

Orange, Fruity Notes, Citrus Fruit

Middle notes

Magnolia, Jasmine, Quince

Base notes

Cedar, Vanilla

Lacoste Love of Pink is a fruity chypre fragrance with a light tinge of a floral aroma. It is very fresh. It is reminiscent of the atmosphere of an orchard full of ripe fruit still on the trees. Thereby it symbolizes summer days filled with various fruit flavours.

Love of Pink Eau de Toilette opens with fresh fruit notes. Accents of citruses and orange are the most distinctive. Step by step, the delicious lightness of fruit gently mingles with the floral heart of the fragrance, formed by their distinctive accents. Mainly jasmine and magnolia scents are noticeable. Even though these floral aromas are so distinctive, the fragrance remains pleasantly light. Base notes are formed by a drop of vanilla providing the fragrance with a velvety tinge.

Love of Pink is like a pleasantly light, yet energetic touch of love. It is supposed to symbolize romance and tenderness. It is a symbol of poetic or almost platonic love. It appears to very passionate though, just like a girl who would do anything for the one she loves.

Love of Pink will be a clear choice for young ladies who are in love. It is a youthful and fresh fragrance full of joy and energy, it is very spontaneous. It accentuates the elegant beauty of every girl, but it is also very tender and delicate.

This fragrance is full of sunshine which is necessary so that fruit that the fragrance consists of was as delicious as in this essence. This fragrance is designed for day wear. Love of Pink is fresh, light, pleasant. It makes a very exquisite and gentle impression. It is ideal to be worn to school and of course to work. It will be also perfect as an accessory for your free time.

Love of Pink follows the successful series of Lacoste fragrances. It is preceded by Touch of Pink and Dream of Pink. Love of Pink is equally irresistible. It was launched in 2009.

About the brand Lacoste

The French fashion company Lacoste is a symbol of casual elegance.  Founded by tennis player Rene Lacoste, the company originally sold tennis sportswear.  Today, Lacoste offers shoes, leather pieces, watches, perfume and more.

The first Lacoste fragrance, Lacoste for Men, was a woodsy fragrance introduced in 1984 and was eventually followed by several lines for men and women.  Popular  fragrance designers like Annick Menardo and Jean-Michel Duriez have helped Lacostecreate happy and energetic fragrances as well as aftershaves, deodorants, shower gels and body lotions.

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